press releases
Discover efficiency and cost-savings with TAUS's production launch of the DeMT™ Estimate API.
Metalinguist, a newcomer to the Language AI space, wins the AI Revolution Readiness Contest 2023.
With the release of memoQ 10.1, Estimate API becomes available for anyone using memoQ to manage their content workflows.
In the latest feature of Microsoft Custom Translator, customers can easily access pre-built custom machine translation models by TAUS for specific industries and use cases.
The TAUS DEMT™️ Evaluation Report 2022 looks at the performance of DEMT™️ in comparison to to other major MT engines
TAUS is proud to be recognized by Gartner as one of the seventeen representative vendors for their AI-Enabled Translation Services 2022 Market Guide
TAUS lists datasets for MT customization and offers for data creation, data annotation, and relevant NLP services for AWS customers through the AWS Marketplace.
TAUS Data-Enhanced Machine Translation provides a one-click solution to customized MT, powered by Amazon Translate and enhanced by TAUS Data.
TAUS Data Management Course is now available for anyone interested to gain knowledge about language data processing for AI applications.
TAUS provides test datasets for Intento's State of MT 2021 Report.
The strategic partnership between TAUS and SYSTRAN offers solutions to strengthen domain-specific machine translation training.
The partnership between TAUS and Intento combines high-quality, domain-specific language data with advanced MT training models.
Along with its value offering, TAUS has gone through a series of brand and website updates. We're excited to share what those updates mean and why we made them.
TAUS has been profiled as a data services vendor in Gartner Market Guide for AI Enabled Translation Services.
TAUS Launches the Data Marketplace, the first and only language data monetization and acquisition platform.
Updates to TAUS conference dates and format as well as an introduction to TAUS Talks.
TAUS introduces a new theme for TAUS Events and Academy: Massively Multilingual or M2.
TAUS and Baker McKenzie provide a blueprint for language data ownership.
With their presentation (and demonstration) of Interpreter IO, Adam Hodgson won the most votes from the audience at the TAUS Asia Conference in Singapore.
The TAUS Partner Foundation Board brings together the largest stakeholders in the sector to accelerate growth and boost the value of global content and communications. With Unbabel joining, the board now has nine corporate members.