TAUS Introduces A New Program for Events & Academy: Massively Multilingual
icons-action-calendar6 Apr 2020
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TAUS introduces a new theme for TAUS Events and Academy: Massively Multilingual or M2.

Amsterdam, 6 April 2020 - TAUS, the language data network, has published their new program for TAUS Events and TAUS Academy under the title of Massively Multilingual, or M2.

For the past 15 years, TAUS has published thousands of articles, reports and white papers with insights and knowledge about the latest developments in our industry and has organized around 100 in-person events around the world and hundreds of webinars with the goal to promote and accelerate the global language industry. Now they have redesigned their program in order to help reinvent the translation industry and augment the potential for human communication.

TAUS Director Jaap van der Meer says: “We define Massively Multilingual (M2) as a new a program where language technology and data converge to support a myriad of applications in all fields of commerce, government, society and science. We believe this M2 concept needs to be recognized as a catalytic step forward in a world where AI is advancing rapidly and 2030s communication designs are already on the drawing board. This space can be characterized as an effort to scale up the promise of language technology exponentially from being a mere productivity enhancer in a relatively small translation industry into a radical but necessary solution to very large-scale communication opportunities and challenges.

This new program will focus on the future of world language activities from a collective business, technology and government perspective. The program sets its sights beyond existing constraints and trade-offs to realize the full promise of language technology successes and future breakthroughs.

“One big change you’ll see is that we’ve moved from approximately 10 events a year to just one big Massively Multilingual Conference & Expo, taking place in the fall in North America. The first one will be on 28-30 September in San Jose, CA. We’re also adding some new virtual events to our events agenda, so stay tuned!”, says Anne-Maj van der Meer, TAUS Events Director.

Find out more about the TAUS M2 Program here.


About TAUS

TAUS, the language data network, is an independent and neutral industry organization. We develop communities through a program of events and online user groups and by sharing knowledge, metrics, and data that help all stakeholders in the translation industry develop a better service. We provide data services to buyers and providers of language and translation services.

The shared knowledge and data help TAUS members decide on effective localization strategies. The metrics support more efficient processes and the normalization of quality evaluation. The data lead to improved translation automation.

TAUS develops APIs that give members access to services like DQF, the DQF Dashboard, and the TAUS Data Market through their own translation platforms and tools. TAUS metrics and data are already built into most of the major translation technologies.

For more information about TAUS, please visit: https://www.taus.net



Anne-Maj van der Meer is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in event organization and management. She has a BA in English Language and Culture from the University of Amsterdam and a specialization in Creative Writing from Harvard University. Before her position at TAUS, she was a teacher at primary schools in regular as well as special needs education. Anne-Maj started her career at TAUS in 2009 as the first TAUS employee where she became a jack of all trades, taking care of bookkeeping and accounting as well as creating and managing the website and customer services. For the past 5 years, she works in the capacity of Events Director, chief content editor and designer of publications. Anne-Maj has helped in the organization of more than 35 LocWorld conferences, where she takes care of the program for the TAUS track and hosts and moderates these sessions.

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