Elevate your AI initiatives with the various TAUS language data solutions

Quality Estimation

Pricing for the Estimate API is volume-based. The API gives access to two generic MTQE models, as well as allows adding customized models, tuned to your content characteristics.

2 Million Characters

Access to the generic MTQE models


5 Million Characters

Access to the generic MTQE models


20 Million Characters

One complementary custom model, trained on 1 language pair, one domain (for first time customers only)


Free Trial

Access to Sandbox model only

Languages: EN, IT, FR, ES, DE

Includes 500,000 characters

Data for AI


TAUS offers multilingual text data for the training of various AI systems. We have a collection of 7.4 billion words in 483 language pairs.

Data Annotation and Collection

TAUS offers data annotation and collection services for text and speech. We are a boutique provider in the AI data sector, but our projects can still involve thousands of contributors around the world.


NLP Consultancy

With an in-house team of NLP and data experts, TAUS provides consultancy and service packages that help you get the best out of your assets, to apply innovative methods or create unique features for a more streamlined multilingual content process. Assignments can vary from designing and implementing new NLP features to large-scale data collection.


Frequently Asked Questions

Quality Estimation

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Language Data

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