QE Buyers Considerations Survey

TAUS has run a short survey to explore the buyers’ considerations when it comes to Quality Estimation. In this consolidated report we share the findings of the results, including the opportunities, challenges and use cases.

Data for AI

Machine Translation


Post Editing

Quality Estimation

Language Data for AI

LD4AI: Introducing a new sub-sector

This report gives stakeholders in the language and AI industries insights into how language data is becoming a business on its own. The report touches upon: the birth of a new sector, data and language, translation economics, data-first paradigm shift, language data landscape, profiling the new cultural professional, trends and takeaways, and the TAUS Data Marketplace.


Who Owns My Language Data? White Paper

Translation inherently triggers questions about intellectual property rights and data protection laws. As the translation ecosystem is complex, it is not easy to draw simple conclusions on who is responsible for what and which use cases are legitimate or not. Expert advice is required. Therefore, TAUS in collaboration with Baker McKenzie Law Firm produced this white paper as a blue print for the translation industry


Translation Data Landscape Report

This report describes the current state of affairs in the way translation data is used and identifies the opportunities and challenges for the next five years or so in terms of a data “marketplace”. It touches upon the myriad of new practical questions about the link between translation data and translation (and related) practices.


Data Market White Paper

This white paper gives an overview of the issues, the players, and benefits associated with the sharing of translation data. And it offers a solution to capitalizing on translation data, offering benefits for all stakeholders and creating a level playing field.

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