Metalinguist voted as AI Revolutionary of 2023 at TAUS Annual Conference


Metalinguist, a newcomer to the Language AI space, wins the AI Revolution Readiness Contest 2023.

Amsterdam, October 10, 2023

The AI Revolutionary Award 2023, the prize of the competition held at the TAUS Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, UT on 4 - 6 October, has been awarded to Metalinguist. Out of eleven competing companies, Metalinguist secured the top spot after captivating the conference audience with their groundbreaking AI innovations. 

The TAUS Annual Conference, bringing together thought leaders from the worldwide language and technology industry, witnessed fierce competition among the eleven companies vying for the first-ever AI Revolutionary 2023 Award. With the current AI revolution, the playing field is wide open for new innovations and ideas, utilizing large language models.

Competing with Metalinguist were Blackbird, XTM, Acolad, Smartling, Centific & Vmware, Intento, K Dictionaries, Alpha CRC, and Bureau Works. While all companies are clearly at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of AI technology that’s revolutionizing our industry, the audience was absolutely astounded by the pitch of Veronica Hylak, the Co-founder of Metalinguist.

"I'm so honored to have been named TAUS’s AI Revolutionary for 2023. The contest speaks volumes about TAUS' unyielding commitment to constant innovation as it continues to lead the pace in the field of language data solutions. TAUS' initiative in gathering industry-leading minds and enterprises to collectively tackle the emergent challenges presented by Generative AI was the very catalyst for this competition. I hold much gratitude to both the TAUS organization and the competition itself for encouraging Metalinguist to dream bigger, as without their inspiration, this new product would never have come to fruition”, says Veronica Hylak.

IMG_8713Veronica Hylak (in the middle) with the AI Revolution Readiness Contest hosts Konstantin Dranch (CustomMT) and Anne-Maj van der Meer (TAUS).

The goal of the TAUS AI Revolution Readiness Contest is to give pioneering innovators the opportunity to showcase their work. Over the past years, the TAUS Contests have featured many players that empower businesses to achieve new levels of efficiency and excellence. Previous winners are Translated, Lilt, Unbabel, worldly, and more.

"This contest highlights the remarkable contributions of companies that are reshaping the language and technology landscape through AI," said Anne-Maj van der Meer, Director of Strategic Partnerships and host of the TAUS AI Revolution Readiness Contest. "It’s always exciting to witness these 6-minute pitches on the stage and we can’t wait to see how these innovations will continue to transform the industry as we’ve seen from the previous winners at TAUS Contests." 

The TAUS Annual Conference, held on 4 - 6 October 2023, provided a platform for industry leaders to share their insights, collaborate, and explore the latest developments in AI and language technology. The presentations and discussions are bound to inspire others in the field and pave the way for even greater advancements in the years to come.

About TAUS 

TAUS is the language data network offering the largest industry-shared repository of data, deep know-how in language engineering, and a network of Human Language Project workers around the globe. Our mission today is to empower global enterprises and their service and technology providers with data solutions that help them to communicate in all languages, faster, better and more efficiently.


Dace is a product and operations management professional with 15+ years of experience in the localization industry. Over the past 7 years, she has taken on various roles at TAUS ranging from account management to product and operations management. Since 2020 she is a member of the Executive Team and leads the strategic planning and business operations of a team of 20+ employees. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting and a Master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

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