Getting the best out of machine translation

TAUS Estimate API provides accurate quality scores for your MT output, so you can save up to 70% in time-to-market and focus post-editing efforts purely where needed. It’s the ultimate solution that serves both as an MT risk management and benchmarking tool while saving you cost and time. 
Cost reduction & more business intelligence
Cut your costs by reaping the benefits of customized MT without the hassle of data, NLP, and MT training efforts.
Process in real-time, speed up time to market.
Improve your translation quality by up to 25%. Reduce the need for post-editing.
With the quality prediction score, compare the output from different MT engines within your own translation environment.
Make informed decisions about MT quality in any domain or language pair.
No limit to language pairs
We’ve got an ocean of data in English, Spanish, and German but also Xhosa, Sinhala, Sorani, Assamese, Hausa, and Igbo. So there is no limit to your market expansion and localization aspirations.
We advocate and strive for increasing diversity in services and products for digitally underrepresented communities. We work directly with such communities to generate & annotate data when necessary for MT training and quality prediction.
Simple Integration
Start with a simple API call and relax while we handle the rest. Leverage our simple REST API to submit requests and receive scores seamlessly with on-call technical assistance from our experts.