icons-action-calendar21 Jul 2023
Embrace the GenAI revolution at the TAUS Annual Conference 2023 to thrive in the LLM era. Join this defining moment in the language & localization industry.
icons-action-calendar25 Oct 2022
Notes from the TAUS Massively Multilingual Conference 2022
icons-action-calendar16 Aug 2022
Join 100+ language data for AI industry leaders and gurus from around the world to brainstorm together, tackle common challenges and share innovative solutions
icons-action-calendar6 Apr 2020
Massively Multilingual (M2) represents a new conceptual space and the new TAUS Events program where language technology and data converge to support a myriad of applications in all fields of commerce, government, society and science.
icons-action-calendar24 May 2019
At the TAUS Global Content Summit London, topic experts along with the CEOs of four of the biggest LSPs talked about quality management, the convergence between the publishing and the translation industry and machine translation use cases.
icons-action-calendar1 May 2019
In a world full of machines and robots, will human interaction still matter? Will the evolving workforce of the 21st century inevitably contain a higher percentage of employees who do not work in a central office? Does data ownership contribute to a more fragmented or a more consolidated industry? We've gathered the answers from the TAUS Global Content Summit Tokyo.
icons-action-calendar17 Apr 2019
Executives from the big tech companies, large LSPs, smaller LSPs as well as technology providers will come together at TAUS Industry Leaders Forum on 25-26 June 2019 to agree on how to work together to fix the gaps and catch up with the rapid technology shift.
icons-action-calendar8 Apr 2019
TAUS Summits continue to look into the future of the global content, this time in New York. Here is your briefing on what leading players of the translation and localization industry have to say on how to reach the next billion users with global content.
icons-action-calendar15 Mar 2019
Highlights of the TAUS Global Content Summit Amsterdam on March 6, 2019 covered a vast range of topics from the importance of the data layer in storytelling to human parity.
icons-action-calendar11 Feb 2019
Time to go green with TAUS Events. For every ticket sold, TAUS will plant a tree to help decrease the carbon footprint we leave behind in the ecosystem as we fly all over the globe.
icons-action-calendar13 Dec 2018
Global intelligent content delivery is going local with one-day TAUS events. Global challenges and trends will be discussed on a local scale in 3 continents and 11 cities.
icons-action-calendar1 Nov 2018
What are the trends and issues that data experts discuss today? What are the translation data challenges? Find it all in the reflections from the TAUS Data Summit 2018.
icons-action-calendar17 Aug 2018
We are getting ready for the 13th TAUS QE Summit. With all the knowledge and experience we’ve gathered over the past months, the topics on the agenda become more focused. Apart from learning more about the business intelligence you can get out of DQF and the Dashboard, we will also talk about the user experience and how to use DQF as a risk and expectation management tool.
icons-action-calendar11 Jun 2018
Lilico Hara from Depro shares her perspective: "TAUS Executive Forum in Tokyo was held on May 16-17, 2018, hosted by Oracle Japan. Most of the participants were from local language service providers, who, I suppose, are struggling and trying to find an effective way to live with neural machine translation. So, am I."
icons-action-calendar17 May 2018
Discussions around how the robots will take over and human interaction will be replaced by bot interaction are sweeping across almost every social scene. However, the business requires us to talk to each other more, share ideas and perspectives with each other and interact about the future of our industry more than ever.
icons-action-calendar7 May 2018
Guest post by Wendy Wong from SDL. We are looking back at the TAUS Asia Conference 2018 from the SDL perspective.
icons-action-calendar3 Apr 2018
Take a sneak peek into what happened at the TAUS Asia Conference in Beijing this year. Great panel discussions, live experiments between human and machine interpretation and so much more!
icons-action-calendar12 Feb 2018
For the first time ever, the live automatic interpretation powered by Microsoft will be on the TAUS Stage. Mark Seligman tells us all about that and what else is on his agenda.
icons-action-calendar8 Feb 2018
On 11 April, TAUS will hold the QE Summit, hosted by Microsoft in Dublin. This time the main theme will be the exploration of new approaches towards quality evaluation. Gig economy, neural MT development, changing pricing models for post-editing.
icons-action-calendar11 Sep 2017
TAUS presents 5 ways to make the most of your conference experience especially at the TAUS Annual Conference on 30-31 October 2017 in San Jose, USA.