Global Content Goes Local in 2019

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Global intelligent content delivery is going local with one-day TAUS events. Global challenges and trends will be discussed on a local scale in 3 continents and 11 cities.

With the first ever TAUS event taking place in 2005, we’ve now totaled over 25 cities worldwide, with more than 6,000 attendees. Over the years, the TAUS member program has changed significantly, from a pure think tank with annual events to a resource center for the global translation and language industry to ‘the language data network’, with services such as the DQF Dashboard and the Data Cloud. However, our events are still going strong and are the place where the people come together to discuss the latest and the greatest and make new valuable connections. In 2019, we’re turning the page in our events book and present to all our members and users a new and improved events program.

 From Nunc Est Tempus to Fixing the Translation Ecosystem

Throughout 2017 we worked hard on the publication of our eBook “Nunc Est Tempus: Redesign Your Translation Business Now!”. This 70-page book presented a blueprint for everyone in the translation business to catch up with the times of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Chapters in this book focus on the latest developments in the machine translation field, but also speech-to-speech translation, geolinguistic shifts, the gig-economy, user experience and measuring translation quality. 

Now, almost a year later, we’ve reached another conclusion: we can all work on our own business and prepare it for the AI revolution, but we cannot do it in isolation. Therefore, TAUS published a new manifesto titled “Fixing the Translation Ecosystem” on 30 October. This centers completely around three main actions: fixing the knowledge gap, fixing the operational gap and fixing the data gap. When we put the plumbing in place and create a secure data market, translation will become truly invisible and we will no longer be in the translation industry, but in the field of global content delivery. To fix these gaps and enter this new era, we need to work together. What better place to start this process than at one of the upcoming TAUS events. 

What’s New?

There have been some significant changes in our events., The biggest change is a serious decrease in the cost of the registration fees, making them more attractive and accessible to a larger audience. 

We’ve also added a new type of events to our program, namely the Global Content Summits. These are one-day events with presentations, panel discussions and Q&A with the audience centered around the TAUS themes described above, followed by a networking reception. At the Global Content Summits, we expect 60-80 people, with a breakdown of 50-50 between buyers and providers as usual at TAUS events. At these events we’d like to meet the local markets, people who normally don’t travel but still like to network with their peers and catch the latest news in the market. 

Tied to ‘Fixing the Operational Gap’ we are providing a platform for innovators and game changers to show the world what they’re working on, which issues their creations are solving and how they are helping us all be more efficient, creative and effective. Most of our events will feature an exhibit space where technology and solution providers give you briefings on their inventions. 

See You There!

In the first half of the year, we’ll be traveling to Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Istanbul and London for these new Global Content Summits. We’re pleased to have the following sponsors on board for these events: Lilt, Unbabel, Capita, Xillio and Smartling and hope to welcome more. 

After nine years of Annual Conferences, we have now rebranded it to the Global Content Conference & Exhibits, taking place on 27 & 28 June in Salt Lake City, UT. This conference is preceded by a CEO Forum and a number of smaller events. Our Asia Conference 2019 will be held in Singapore from 9-11 October. 

The calls for proposals for all of these events are open at the moment. If you have a great idea or an opinion on how together we fix the translation ecosystem, or if you are working on an amazing new technology and want to pitch it to a wide audience, please submit your proposal now. We look forward to seeing you all at one of the events in 2019!


Anne-Maj van der Meer is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in event organization and management. She has a BA in English Language and Culture from the University of Amsterdam and a specialization in Creative Writing from Harvard University. Before her position at TAUS, she was a teacher at primary schools in regular as well as special needs education. Anne-Maj started her career at TAUS in 2009 as the first TAUS employee where she became a jack of all trades, taking care of bookkeeping and accounting as well as creating and managing the website and customer services. For the past 5 years, she works in the capacity of Events Director, chief content editor and designer of publications. Anne-Maj has helped in the organization of more than 35 LocWorld conferences, where she takes care of the program for the TAUS track and hosts and moderates these sessions.

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