Embrace the AI Revolution at the TAUS Annual Conference 2023: Designing the Future of the Localization Industry!

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Embrace the GenAI revolution at the TAUS Annual Conference 2023 to thrive in the LLM era. Join this defining moment in the language & localization industry.

​​Are you ready to witness the monumental revolution sweeping through the language and localization industries? The TAUS Annual Conference 2023 on 4-6 October in Salt Lake City, UT is your gateway to understanding and preparing for the vast changes brought by the GenAI revolution.

Join industry leaders, technologists, and innovators as they come together to explore the practical measures needed to embrace this transformative era of Large Language Models (LLMs). This year's theme, 'Change,' sets the stage for discussions that will shape the future of localization and language on a global scale, helping companies to unlock the full potential of AI. The stakes are high, and the opportunities are boundless. The conference is a "tabula rasa" moment, offering a unique opportunity to shape the future of the localization industry.

What can you expect?

The TAUS Annual Conference gathers around 150 people from all over the world, decision makers and thought leaders from the enterprise and buyer perspective, technology-focused language service providers but also more traditional language service providers, start-ups in the technology space, as well as a few academics, researchers and students. Divided over two days, we discuss the pressing topics on our minds with the invasion of Large Language Models.

MT in the Post-ChatGPT World - The Big Tech Perspective

Discover the game-changing role of LLMs in translation and the competition they pose to traditional Machine Translation (MT) value offering. MT authorities from major tech companies Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Meta reveal how GenAI's disruptive powers are reshaping the landscape entirely. Join discussions on whether LLM-enhanced MT or multilingual LLMs will dominate the future.

Localization Business Redefined

Understand how enterprises are redefining their localization strategies in the wake of AI-driven transformations. An MT-First Strategy is widely adopted, enabling them to translate everything, leading to a complete redefinition of the localization business from the enterprise perspective. Gain insights into the technological shifts that will drive the future of the language and translation industry from representatives at Dell, Amazon, Google, Uber, LinkedIn, AWS and Booking.

But also uncover the perspective of localization service and technology providers as they adapt their offerings to cater to the evolving demands of the AI-driven localization industry. Lilt, Acolad, Blackbird and Lexicala are sharing insights and strategies as they are reshaping their business models and utilizing AI to deliver enhanced services and greater efficiency.

The MT-Translator Symbiosis

Explore how MT is no longer just an add-on, as the MT-first scenario gains momentum. Delve into the impact on workflows, quality control, evaluation, and the role of post-editors. Learn how customer data is leveraged for maximum efficiency in this new paradigm through a panel discussion with MT service and tech providers Translated, Unbabel, RWS, memoQ and Systran.

The Quality Dilemma

Quality estimation becomes paramount in the AI Localization Revolution. As new Large Language Models emerge regularly, ensuring translation quality becomes more critical than ever. Dive into the challenges and explore cutting-edge QE methodologies and solutions with Google, Centific, Uber, TAUS, Microsoft and Motionpoint to ensure top-notch translations in this rapidly evolving landscape.

AI Revolution Readiness Competition

An exciting competition that puts AI localization readiness to the test! Ten companies will showcase their propositions for AI-driven language management and innovation, and seize the chance to be at the forefront of industry advancements. Which company is tackling this GenAI Revolution best? The attendees are in charge and will vote! Participating companies are Smartling, Acolad, Blackbird, XTM International, Metalinguist, Vmware, Centific and more.

Join us in Salt Lake City on 4 - 6 October

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the language and localization industry's defining moment! Stay ahead of the curve by joining us at the TAUS Annual Conference 2023 and help shape the future of the AI-driven language industry landscape.

Save the Date: 4 - 6 October 2023

Location: Little America Hotel, Salt Lake City,  Utah

Register now and secure your seat for the TAUS Annual Conference 2023!




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