TAUS Partners with SYSTRAN to Provide Users with Stellar Training Data
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Partnership between TAUS and SYSTRAN addresses the increasing demand for customization of Machine Translation engines in a vast range of languages.

Amsterdam, July 2019 – SYSTRAN and TAUS have agreed to collaborate on creating a solid supply of data and models for trainers and developers of machine translation engines. The newly released SYSTRAN Marketplace will integrate with the TAUS Matching Data Service and Library. This means that users of the SYSTRAN Marketplace will be able to easily expand their data coverage by running a clustered search in the TAUS Data Cloud or by using an already existing domain-specific corpus from the TAUS Matching Data Library.

“Machine Translation is a simple sum of data and algorithms”, says Jaap van der Meer, director of TAUS. "In this equation the data is becoming more and more important. Especially now in the age of neural networks, the quality of the systems we build is directly linked to the quality and the domain specificity of the data we use. TAUS is very pleased to collaborate with the SYSTRAN Marketplace and through this channel give many more users access to valuable TAUS data.”

The TAUS Data Cloud currently contains around 35 billion words of good quality translation data in more than 600 language pairs. In January 2019 TAUS released the Matching Data Service and Library on top of the TAUS Data Cloud. Matching Data allows users to build customized corpora training of domain-specific MT engines. TAUS partners with companies like Oracle, eBay, Dell, RWS Moravia to build corpora tailored to vertical domains. 

SYSTRAN, a pure player in machine translation solutions for 50 years, is launching SYSTRAN Marketplace to cater for business users' needs. This new offer is disrupting the market by bringing unique business value: a community-based platform, in-domain models, with a responsible approach on data security and intellectual property. This partnership with TAUS gives SYSTRAN Marketplace a vast expansion in coverage of domains and languages to meet worldwide users’ needs in a variety of markets.

Jean Senellart, President of SYSTRAN Group, explains the motivation behind the partnership: “The quality of Machine Translation has never been greater, however even though online service offers are booming, MT technology adoption by industry users is still lagging. With SYSTRAN Marketplace, we aim to provide business users with best-of-breed components to implement their machine translation project: state of the art technology of course but also in-domain data and human expertise to build and train the translation models to reach their expectations. Through this partnership, we will be providing our trainer network with a unique access to an evolving high-quality data collection.”


TAUS, the language data network, is an independent and neutral industry organization. We develop communities through a program of events and online user groups and by sharing knowledge, metrics, and data that help all stakeholders in the translation industry develop a better service. We provide data services to buyers and providers of language and translation services.

The shared knowledge and data help TAUS members decide on effective localization strategies. The metrics support more efficient processes and the normalization of quality evaluation. The data lead to improved translation automation.

TAUS develops APIs that give members access to services like DQF, the DQF Dashboard, and the TAUS Data Market through their own translation platforms and tools. TAUS metrics and data are already built into most of the major translation technologies. 


SYSTRAN is a pioneer in machine translation technologies. The company helps worldwide organizations in their digital transformation with advanced and secure translation solutions. In 2016, SYSTRAN further innovated and launched its new generation of engines that combine neural networks and artificial intelligence to offer companies a translation quality close to human translation and increase their productivity gains in various areas such as: collaboration, content production, customer support, electronic investigation, analysis of Big Data, e-commerce, etc. 

SYSTRAN provides a tailor-made solution that meets the language specificities of each domain and corporate communication guidelines. Thanks to an open and scalable architecture, SYSTRAN's solutions integrate seamlessly into existing IT applications and infrastructure, providing professionals with higher efficiency.


Jaap van der Meer founded TAUS in 2004. He is a language industry pioneer and visionary, who started his first translation company, INK, in The Netherlands in 1980. Jaap is a regular speaker at conferences and author of many articles about technologies, translation and globalization trends.

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