machine translation
icons-action-calendar30 Jun 2022
TAUS recently launched DeMT™. This article provides context and more information on this recipe for improved MT.
icons-action-calendar8 Apr 2022
BLEU scores are essential to calculate translation precision: they compare reference translations with MT translation output, also known as candidate translations.
icons-action-calendar14 Oct 2020
Results of a survey addressed to LSPs to understand how much data is needed to create and train MT engines in addition to recommendations for MT training phases.
icons-action-calendar7 Sep 2020
Quality estimation for machine translation is an active field of research in the NLP community. As a method that does not require access to reference translations, it may very well become a standard evaluation tool for translation and language data providers in the future.
icons-action-calendar22 Jul 2020
Automatic evaluation of Machine Translation (MT) output refers to the evaluation of translated content using automated metrics such as BLEU, NIST, METEOR, TER, and CharacTER.
icons-action-calendar8 May 2020
Tilde's experience with developing the EU Presidency Translator is a great use case of public service MT. It has demonstrated how machine translation can be customized to provide efficiency and quality in cross-lingual communication.
icons-action-calendar6 May 2020
How to best implement machine translation and what factors to pay attention to?
icons-action-calendar28 Apr 2020
Machine translation trends to keep an eye on in 2020: Context-aware MT, Productization of Quality Estimation, Quality Estimation as Evaluation, Smaller High-quality Models, Source Data Analytics, Multilingual and Multi-domain NMT, and Dynamic Adaption.
icons-action-calendar6 Mar 2020
Can AI-driven translation by itself lead to “social” bias or intentional fakes, or only to accurate or inaccurate outputs? Here are some notes on AI ethics
icons-action-calendar18 Sep 2019
Machine translation is being redefined with the latest research titled Massively Multilingual Neural Machine Translation in the Wild, by the Google AI Team. What does Massive NMT mean for the future of translation? We've also got the insider view from Orhan Firat, a Senior Research Scientist at Google AI.
icons-action-calendar27 Nov 2018
What's new in the world of machine translation and what are the MT trends for 2019? Here are the rising trends based on EMNLP 2018, one of the biggest conferences on Natural Language Processing in the world, and WMT 2018, one of the most reputable conferences in the field of machine translation.
icons-action-calendar10 Nov 2017
What is the best way to evaluate MT outputs? Humans and robots are racing in efforts to provide an answer to this dilemma. Maybe the solution is ''Social Robots''?
icons-action-calendar20 Jul 2017
The translation industry is adopting machine translation in increasing numbers. Yet, the evaluation of MT output quality remains a major challenge for all.
icons-action-calendar21 Mar 2017
Artificial neural networks have come to stay and are already proving efficient for data-intensive industries. A blog post about Neural Machine Translation.
icons-action-calendar4 Oct 2016
In NMT, programs are not written to solve a problem but to make the machine learn how to solve the problem from examples.
icons-action-calendar19 Sep 2016
Deep Learning is currently on the verge of breaking the quality barrier, making machine translation smarter.
icons-action-calendar14 Sep 2016
Incorporating the best of both worlds: Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) systems , and Neural Networks.
icons-action-calendar13 Jun 2016
The popularity of the Google Translate app has also encouraged the development of hundreds of other translation apps.