How to Become a Certified Post-Editor in One Day?
icons-action-calendar13 Feb 2019
3 minute read
If you know even a little about MT, you are already on track to understand the ins and outs of post-editing. How do you then become a certified post-editor? To level up your post-editing skills, TAUS prepared a workshop. The TAUS eLearning Manager and tutor of TAUS PE Workshops lists 5 things you will learn at TAUS Workshops.

Thanks to the exponential growth of neural machine translation in the last couple of years, post-editing will play an even more prominent role in the near future. With over 440 million results when doing a Google search, it seems to be ranking high among the points of interest in the translation industry. However, even though it is not such a new concept anymore, there is still a knowledge gap in the industry around this key skill and its role in the translation workflow.

TAUS started addressing the lack of professional educational material on post-editing already back in 2014. We were among the very first to offer an online Post-Editing course along with Post-editing Guidelines. Both the PE course and reference materials are created in cooperation with the academic world and prominent industry representatives such as: Dublin City University, Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL), Welocalize, Hunnect, Lingo24. This is why we can offer our audience validated and neutral information based on the latest developments in the industry.

Last year TAUS developed a dedicated online eLearning platform as a further commitment to help bridge this knowledge gap. And from this year onward, we’re expanding offline with in-person, hands-on workshops.

We’ll break the ice on March 5 with a workshop on MT and post editing of MT output in Amsterdam. The workshop will be hosted at Booking.com, one of the biggest global brands located in Amsterdam and at the forefront of digital innovation.

What will you learn in this workshop?

  1. Benefits and challenges of the different types of available MT systems

  2. Key aspects to consider when approaching MT and Post-Editing - from workflow to pricing

  3. Necessary skills and best practices to become an efficient post-editor

  4. Analysis of some real-life examples of MT output

  5. Hands-on experiences from subject matter experts, also available to answer your questions

You can find the complete program and speakers’ info here.

Those who take part in the workshop will leave with another feather in their caps by becoming a TAUS certified post-editor/reviewer. A professional certification which can make a difference in the market.

We’ll have more workshops coming up in the next months as well, check out the TAUS workshops calendar here


Simona started her journey in the translation business with a degree in translation at the SSML Carlo Bo in Milan. From there she explored almost all corners of the industry covering different roles at both client and vendor side: translator, reviewer, project manager, vendor and quality manager. What interested her the most along the way was the human factor powering the industry, especially in these highly innovative and technology driven times. That's why she's now focusing on developing the human talents in the translation industry via the TAUS eLearning platform.

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