TAUS Annual Conference 2023

AI is causing a revolution in the language and localization industries. After an incubation period of a few years the full consequences of the Large Language Models are now becoming apparent. This is as big as the invention of the printing press. This year - 2023 - will be remembered as transformational. Everything will change.

04 - 06 October 2023

Salt Lake City, UT (USA)


is the theme

Industry leaders will meet with technologists and innovators to get real and zoom in on the practical measures we can take to prepare our companies for the revolution that is happening. How do we scale up to literally translate everything? What does this mean for the technology and tools that we use? For the people we employ? For our business and pricing models? For the services we produce and offer? This is a ‘tabula rasa’ moment: an opportunity to design the future of the localization industry.

Conference Program

Join the AI Localization Revolution

The language industry is at the forefront of the GenAI revolution. The way in which we manage information in the form of language is the key to business transformation and economic shifts.

The TAUS Conference is the place where key globalization and language stakeholders from the tech industry, global enterprises and their solution providers meet to benchmark strategies. How do they leverage their language data assets, build their own language models and make smart use of LLMs? How do they control quality, innovate their technology stack and transform their business? In a genuine open setting participants discover and define the future of the language and localization industry.


Check out some of the great minds who will join us this year!

Olga Pospelova
Senior Manager, Data
Erik Vogt
Vice President Solutions
Giovanna Conte
Global Quality Management
John Weisgerber
Senior Solutions Architect
Sarah Weldon
Product Manager
Kirill Agishev
Technical Program Manager
Bridget Hylak
Founder and Senior Consultant
JP Barraza
CEO Americas
Veronica Hylak

Renato Beninatto
Chairman and Co-founder
Pre-Conference Sessions

Pre-Conference Session

Introduction to GenAI in Localization

An intensive introduction to generative AI for localization executives. Learn how to implement ChatGPT and its counterparts, and take the first step to transform your localization team into a center of excellence in language models. Organized by CustomMT.

Pre-Conference Session

Quality Estimation Workshop

A joint initiative between the main providers of Quality Estimation or Quality Prediction, TAUS and ModelFront.  Participants in this workshop will learn firsthand from technical leaders in these companies and their customers about the sustainable approach and real-world implementations.

Pre-Conference Session

Unleashing the Power of SeamlessM4T: Scaling Speech Translation for Enhanced Communication

Join this tutorial to stay up to date with the latest developments in speech technology and unlock the full potential of scaling speech translation, enabling effective communication in an interconnected world.

Organized and hosted by the Facebook AI Research team.


TAUS conference is unique. It isn’t the largest conference in the industry, by design. Choosing to focus on bringing the brightest minds; innovators, disrupters, and practitioners in the industry together to share, challenge, and inspire the next evolution.

Wayne Bourland

Director, Global Translation Team at Dell Technologies

Attending the TAUS conference was an enriching experience for me. As a researcher in MT, I rarely get an opportunity to interact with translation professionals directly. To my surprise, I was warmly welcomed by fellow attendees who shared the same passion for languages and translation. I really enjoyed the conversations I had about technology, language and marginalized communities. I loved the opportunity to talk to students who are making translation their career. The TAUS conference allowed me to expand my network and learn from others in the translation community.

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Paco Guzman

Research Scientist Manager at Meta AI

My first memory of a TAUS conference was being flown to Taos, New Mexico on something that most resembled a flying smaller-size sedan, and it was that historic conference where the TAUS Data Association was established. I have been attending pretty much every TAUS conference ever since. Over the years, have been a member of the organizing committees, was one of the early adopters of the TAUS DQF platform, contributed to the creation TAUS MTPE guidelines and both moderated panels and delivered presentations - all in all, have been involved actively with the organization. To me the most attractive part of the TAUS events is the breakdown on the audience - a reasonably even distribution between researchers, practitioners and business leaders in the space of translation automation. When you have these pretty distinct perspectives on the future state of our industry, this drives the most insightful discussions and one always leaves the conference with a fresh perspective on the industry and new ideas of how to apply those ideas to her own work. Another attractive thing about the TAUS events is that people speak very openly and are not afraid of making controversial statements, be it the future of the industry jobs, human parity of machine translation or now adoption and role of LLMs - are they or are the not the silver bullet. I am definitely a fan and will continue both attending the events and contributing to the content.

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Olga Beregovaya

VP, AI and Machine Translation at Smartling

For over a decade, I've been an active participant in TAUS events, and they've consistently stood apart in our industry. Beyond the usual presentations, TAUS facilitates deep and insightful dialogues centered on innovation and technology. My learnings from TAUS have been invaluable, and it's refreshing to attend an event where the focus isn't just on promotion and sales, but genuinely envisioning the future trajectory of the localization industry.

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Alessandro Cattelan

COO at Translated


We will have an exclusive exhibition pavilion at the TAUS Annual Conference 2023. Get a booth in our exhibition pavilion and secure your company’s prime spot to demonstrate your latest innovations and showcase your expertise. A booth will help you forge valuable, long-lasting connections with the top managers and directors in the industry from across the world. Write to event@taus.net to reserve your spot.

Venue & Networking

The TAUS Annual Conference 2023 will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Little America Hotel. We've reserved a block of Tower Rooms at the hotel against a special rate of $229 per night.

To book your room, please click the button below. Alternatively, you can call the hotel directly but please make sure to mention TAUS in your booking to benefit from this special rate.

Opening Reception

Join us for the opening reception on 4 October 2023, at 6:00 - 8:00 pm. The reception will be held in Ballroom C, located on the Ground floor of the Little America Hotel. This is a fantastic opportunity to kick-start the conference and connect with fellow attendees. The event is included in the main conference registration fee.

Networking Dinner

On 5 October 2023, join us for a memorable networking dinner at 6:00 - 9:30 pm. The dinner will take place at Squatters Pub Brewery, at just a 10-minute walk from the Little America Hotel. This is another chance to forge new connections and enjoy a delightful evening in the company of industry peers. The event is included in the main conference registration fee.

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