András Aponyi
András Aponyi

NLP Research Analyst at TAUS with a background in linguistics and natural language processing. My mission is to follow the latest trends in NLP and use them to enrich the TAUS data toolkit.

icons-action-calendar3 Jan 2022
What can word clouds driven by NLP tell you about your training datasets? Here is how we create word clouds on TAUS Data Marketplace.
icons-action-calendar19 Aug 2021
A tutorial on automatic domain classification with NLP: from data preprocessing to the training and evaluation of an artificial neural network.
icons-action-calendar10 Feb 2021
Key ideas behind the sentence embedding technique, its possible applications, and an overview of some of the state-of-the-art sentence embedding approaches commonly used in NLP-research and the language industry.
icons-action-calendar7 Sep 2020
Quality estimation for machine translation is an active field of research in the NLP community. As a method that does not require access to reference translations, it may very well become a standard evaluation tool for translation and language data providers in the future.