Anna Samiotou
Anna Samiotou

Anna is the Product Manager of the TAUS Data Cloud and manages all translation data issues in LT industrial/R&D projects. Active in the field of translation and language technology since 1993, she holds degrees in Mathematics and Translation Technologies. She is a passionate polyglot, fascinated by multi-lingual-cultural communication, events and travels.

This article provides a great insight into the best practices for TAUS Data Cloud. What are the best use cases for Data Cloud? How is data useful in language/translation industry.
In NMT, programs are not written to solve a problem but to make the machine learn how to solve the problem from examples.
The BabelNet Workshop that was organized by the European Commission, the Publication Office and the European Parliament, in Luxembourg in 2016.
Pivot languages can be deployed in building and enhancing bilingual lexicons, translation memories and machine translation systems.
Pivot language approaches can be used in simultaneous or consecutive interpretation (oral) and in human translation (written).