Data Solutions

Our mission is to assist businesses in training, evaluating and enhancing machine learning models using our in-house NLP expertise and extensive worldwide community of data contributors, annotators and linguists. Through our Human Language Platform platform, we are capable of handling text and speech data in any language or dialect

Wide range of data capabilities

Text Data Creation

Acquire bilingual or monolingual text data for your machine learning project.

Speech Data Creation

Obtain authentic audio data in any language or dialect in the demographics you need.

Data Annotation

Augment training data with rich metadata on our proprietary Platform.

Data Cleaning

Enhance the quality of your training data with our ten-step cleaning protocol.

Post Editing

Polish your raw MT output as a cost and time-efficient solution based on your project-specific needs by a specialized community or linguists.

DQF MQM Error Annotation

Annotate based on DQF-MQM error typology with a more systematic approach to human evaluation of multilingual content.

Data Crawling

Build parallel datasets making use of the immense multilingual data available on the web.

MT Ranking

Gain insights into the MT performance by benchmarking various engines side by side.