Post-editing infuses raw machine translation output with the human touch. This human touch brings a level of nuance that machines can't match in terms of accuracy, clarity, flow, and local resonance. Get your post-editing done by either expert linguists or specialized communities.

Up to 60% faster content delivery cycles

Up to 80% cost savings

Leverage our global HLP community
  • Do you need topic experts to post-edit your content rather than professional linguists?

  • Do you have particular instructions for the post-editors based on your project needs instead of mainstream post-editing guidelines?

  • Are you working with a long-tail language instead of common languages?

You can do more with our post-editing resources

MT Post-editing Guidelines

This report includes an agreed set of best practices on selecting most suitable talent for post-editing work and identifying training opportunities, crowdsourcing resources, and how to become highly skilled and qualified post-editors.

Online Post-editing Course

TAUS Post-editing online course is the most popular and extensive course available on this topic. It guides translators of all skill levels on the basics of post-editing and how to excel at it by learning the best practices. Comes with language pair specific exercises in 30 language pairs.

Crowdsource with TAUS HLP Platform

Harness the power of our global community in post-editing projects both in mainstream and long-tail languages. In addition to language, we can select post-editors based on their interest or affinity and perform the task based on project-specific requirements.