MT Ranking

Machine Translation (MT) has been the go-to strategy for companies that produce ever-growing amounts of content in different languages to extend their reach in a highly globalized world. The challenge is to figure out which MT system works better for a given domain or language pair. We help you choose the best Machine Translation engine that fits your unique needs.

Which MT system is the best? The answer is never simple.

MT performance depends on many variables that are unique for each project:


Language pair


With decades of experience in MT systems and MT training processes, our MT experts define the best approach for your needs.

A global workforce to rank your MT output

Our human-powered micro-task platform gives you access to a global community of 100K+ in 50+ countries speaking a great number of languages from common to long tail, - all at scale and tailored to your use case.

Language pair and domain-based workforce formation

Fully-managed services

Secure, flexible and fast delivery

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