Speech data creation powered by human diversity

All sound-activated machine learning systems, from virtual assistants to car navigation systems, rely on diverse, bias-free, high-quality speech data. Leveraging our diverse global data workforce through our proprietary platform, we collect, create, and annotate multilingual speech data to build and optimize your voice-based AI models.

Diversify your speech data to eliminate bias

Eliminating bias in AI is tightly tied to the diversity of representation in the dataset. When it comes to speech data, the areas where diversity must be maintained are expanding. Unlock access to a community of 100K+ qualified in-country speakers of various ages, backgrounds, and accents capable of creating speech data for a wide range of use cases.



Age group


Ethnic background


The solution for any voice-based use case

Virtual Assistants

We generated 1550+ hours of speech data to fine-tune world’s most prominent virtual assistants.

Audio transcription

We enable our clients to communicate with a wider audience via our audio transcription services.

Automatic speech recognition

Our community contributed speech data in numerous different accents and dialects to optimize automatic speech recognition in leading technologies.
Advance your AI systems

Connect with our experts to design a tailored solution for your voice-based AI projects.