success stories
Interview with Kathleen Kownacki: Bridging Language Divides as a Local Data Collector.
Participation in the language data projects offered by the Human Language Project leads to new professional opportunities.
Lexicala has emerged from the publishing world, as a provider of quality lexicographic content for leading dictionary publishers worldwide, and joined the TAUS Data Marketplace as a language data seller.
See how a medical doctor trying to break the linguistic monoculture in academia as a student ended up creating a dataset of medical glossaries and translation memories that brings about a 90% BLEU score improvement for the English and Arabic language pair.
See how a niche data provider makes use of the promotional opportunity TAUS Data Marketplace creates to reach large data buyers.
See how a linguist specializing in low-resource Middle-Eastern languages mobilizes his native community to generate language data and by offering it on Data Marketplace manages to increase digital representation of these languages.
See how EGO Translating Company became a data seller on TAUS Data Marketplace while looking to buy data. A great example for other LSPs for monetizing the translation data they have.
Translators of high and low resource languages now have the means to monetize their translations while contributing to digital representation of their languages.
Joining the Data Marketplace ahead of other LSPs offers many advantages for establishing your company in the language data for AI space.