Adopt best practices. Streamline processes. Maximize interoperability for the most common tasks.
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The Translation Services API is now being developed as an open-source initiative: the Translation API Class and Cases (TAPICC). For more information about TAPICC, please visit the GALA website:


Why a TAUS Translation Services API?

In today’s environment where services are increasingly hosted in the cloud there is a need for a simple and common web services API for translation services.

We propose a minimal set of simple interactions to cover the most common tasks. Because of this, developers can prototype new applications quickly, and can learn this type of API within a short period of time.

The API was defined by researching HTTP and RESTful APIs currently in use and through consultation with TAUS members, who are leaders in this space.  

Who is the TAUS Translation Services API for?

The API is for anyone who wants to adopt best practices for a translation services API to interact with counterparts directly from your application or content management system. The API helps ensure interoperability for the most common tasks. Key users include: 

- Language service providers

- Translation technology developers

- CMS providers

- Small/medium-sized translation buyers

- Software developers building multilingual web sites or applications  

Getting started

Step 1: The background

If you have not heard about TAUS Translation Services API before you can download the user guide to get an overview and introduction to the Specifications.

User Guide
Authors: Klemens Waldhör, TAUS & Achim Ruopp, TAUS

Download the user guide

Step 2: Review the Specifications

If you are already aware of the TAUS approach to a Translation Services API, go ahead and review the V2.0 Specifications. Please send this technical feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..