Assess and improve your translation quality management


Why Review Your Company’s Translation Quality Management?

There are three major factors that make reviewing translation quality management vital for organizations:

  1. Quality is subjective and anecdotal. Everyone seems to use different measurements which makes it hard to compare vendors, translators, projects and to benchmark;
  2. The industry works with a static approach to quality. In today’s world we need to vary quality depending on content profile and purpose;
  3. Quality management is time-consuming and costly. Quality management expenses can grow beyond 20% of the total cost of translation.

QM Consulting is an advisory service offered by TAUS aimed at helping companies solve translation quality management problems by using the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF).

Together with a team of TAUS quality management experts, you will analyze the translation quality workflow in your company in order to get a better understanding of the opportunities and benefits of DQF. After four sessions you will receive an implementation plan that gets you started with the recommended improvements.

TAUS QM Consulting is useful to both buyers and providers of translation services. The package is a paid service and available for TAUS Members only.

TAUS will sign a Nondisclosure Agreement with the participating company.

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Session Overview

The Quality Management Consulting consists of four sessions: Definition, Discovery, Deduction and Decision. Below we will describe these sessions in more detail.

1. Definition

Session: Overview of tools, best practices, standards, metrics and use cases in translation quality management. Sixty-ninety minutes web meeting
Preparation: Participants are recommended to take the online TAUS Quality Management Course before this session and to go over a recommended reading list provided before the first session.
Deliverables: Understanding the role of quality management in the translation workflow. Agreement on the key topics and terms and defining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the client based on the cost-speed-quality trichotomy.

2. Discovery

Session: Insight in the client’s current translation quality management process, reporting, data and costs. Sixty minutes web meeting
Preparation: The client is requested to fill in a questionnaire and share documents describing the organization and the process around translation quality management.
Deliverable: A report with an organizational and quantitative overview of the client’s translation quality management process.

3. Deduction

Session: Analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Setting goals for the KPIs. Sixty-ninety minutes web meeting
Preparation: Validation of the ‘Discovery Report’ that is based on an expert analysis of the filled in questionnaire and the documents provided by the client.
Deliverable: SWOT analysis, KPI goals and aimed benefits.

4. Decision

Session: Discuss recommendations, transition and implementation. Sixy minutes web meeting
Preparation: Validation of SWOT analysis, KPI goals and set benefits.
Deliverable: Implementation plan.

Additional packages

Participants of the QM consulting can define additional packages based on their company's needs such as:

  • Reduce costs of quality management
  • Validate overall quality management process ("health check of current processes")
  • Cut steps in current translation workflow to save time and effort
  • Diversify workflow (based on content profiling)
  • Implement sampling
  • Improve delivered quality
  • Develop Best Practice for e.g.: linguistic review, usability testing, reporting etc.
  • Set-up a customized training for internal staff on quality management



Undertaking the DQF consultancy we were unsure of what tangible benefit we would gain. We understood we may have a better idea how we might apply the DQF model to our existing program, however we also gained much more. We were able to have an industry expert act as a 3rd pair of eyes to look at all areas of our existing model and provide insights and suggestions of some improvements. Our model is highly tailored to our specific requirements and we have developed many tools and processes to suit that. Attila and team took time to understand these processes and integrate them into their feedback. We would have no hesitation in recommending other clients undertaking this consultancy before moving forward with their own process changes.

Wayne Bourland (Director of Localization Dell) & Angela Diggin (Global Translation Quality Manager Dell)


I recently benefited from the Quality Management Consulting Service offered by TAUS. I was primarily interested in being advised on how to implement an adequate quality management process. Therefore, the focus was not on evaluating the effectiveness of an existing structure, but on building a process suitable to my particular setup. TAUS's counseling approach was to drive the answer finding process through pertinent questions, rather than just suggesting potential solutions. This system was more engaging, allowing me to come to my own conclusions. By being my guide, they allowed me to take a step back and see the big picture while also providing an outside perspective. I found it all very insightful, and am confident that the lessons learned from these sessions will allow me to implement an effective Quality Management process going forward.

Silvio Clausen (Localization Manager Supercell)