TAUS S2S Translation Technology Report

The Speech-to-Speech Translation Technology Report provides an overview of S2S translation technologies for everyone who is working in the translation industry. The report is part of an ongoing series providing the state-of-the-art surveys of the relevant technologies, players, underlying vision and market strengths and weaknesses.






About this Report

TAUS believes that developers, enterprises, and the language technology supply community need:

  • a clear picture of the technological state-of- play in S2ST
  • information on the history of this technology program
  • an informed overview of the drivers and enablers in the field
  • the near-term predictions of major and minor players concerning solutions and services, along with their assessments of weaknesses and threats

Accordingly, this TAUS report on S2ST provides an up-to- date account of the field's technologies, approaches, companies, projects, and target use cases.

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TAUS Speech-to-Speech Translation Technology Report

Authors: Mark Seligman, Alex Waibel and Andrew Joscelyne

Price: € 200,-

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