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MT is on an irreversible journey with no return. Despite the many challenges – documented in this report as well – we expect massive adoption. The MT Market Report 2014 zooms in on the different types of offerings and players in the realm of machine translation.







How do we communicate in an ever more globalizing world? Going to a business meeting we may speak a lingua franca (like English), but coming home we revert to our mother tongue. When we cheer, chat and shop, when we gossip, giggle and google, we just feel more comfortable in our own language. Around the world some 7,000 languages are being spoken, four hundred of which have more than one million speakers. Businesses – large and small – need to ‘speak’ the languages of their customers. The translation services industry is struggling to keep up with the demand for capacity and speed.

In this Machine Translation Market Report, we zoom in on the different types of offerings and players in the realm of machine translation. We talked to more than fifty operators of MT technology: developers, users, value-added resellers, consultants. We ran several surveys. Our conclusion is that MT is on an irreversible journey with no return. Despite the many challenges – documented in this report as well – we expect massive adoption. However, the biggest growth will not be in pure MT related revenue. MT technology is an enabler, a crucial component in what we at TAUS call the Convergence Era. MT is not a goal on its own. It empowers many new forms of communications built in to wearable technology, search, social media, Internet of Things, Apps. Moreover, MT has entered human translation production as well, complementary to or replacing outdated translation memory tools. Post-editing MT output is likely to overtake translation memory leveraging as the primary production environment in industrial translation in the next five years.


1. Introduction

2. Executive Summary

3. Acknowledgements and references

4. About the Authors

5. The Past, Present and Future of Machine Translation Research

5.1 Overview

5.2 Early Experiments

5.3 Linguistic Approaches

5.4 Statistical Approach

5.5 Hybrid Systems and Other Approaches

5.6 Open-source Systems

6. Defining the Machine Translation Market

7. Favorable Circumstances for MT

8. Different Usages of Machine Translation

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Gisting (Assimilation)

8.3 Search and Discovery

8.4 Sentiment Analysis

8.5 Post-editing (Dissemination)

8.6 Speech Translation

9. Types of Players

9.1 Introduction

9.2 MT Suppliers

9.3 Free Machine Translation

9.4 Value-Added Resellers

9.5 In-house MT Users

10. Types of Offerings

10.1 Introduction

10.2 Licenses

10.3 Machine Translation as a Service

10.4 Value-based MT Services

10.5 Professional Services

10.5.1 Customization

10.5.2 Business Consulting

11. Open-source Machine Translation

11.1 Introduction

11.2 Moses History and Academic Development

11.3 Moses Business Adaptation

11.3.1 Different Models

11.3.2 Model 1: Moses Out-of-the-box

11.3.3 Model 2: Moses with Open Source/Free Add-ons

11.3.4 Model3: Commercialized Moses

11.3.5 Model 4: Hybrid MT

11.3.6 Summary

12. Market Adoption, Usage and Estimates

14. Drivers, Inhabitors and Predictors

14.1 Drivers and Inhibitors

14.2 Predictions

Appendix 1. MT Operators

Appendix 2. Speech Translation Companies

Word from the authors

“The size of the MT market is relatively small compared to its innovation power and impact. MT technology is a key enabler and a force multiplier for new services and growth. MT technology finds a high adoption rate among language service providers. Innovative companies in information technology and other sectors are converging MT technology in new applications and products or they use MT to enhance their existing products.” (Jaap van der Meer, director at TAUS)

“The dynamics in the MT market have changed dramatically in the last five years. The increased availability of easy to use and integrate MT with sufficient quality has ignited the emergence of new business models. This has been promoted by many new MT suppliers that base their offering on the open source statistical MT system Moses. A bigger impact still has come from some of the internet giants like Google, Microsoft and Yandex that offer free or very cheap MT services.” (Achim Ruopp, product development manager at TAUS)

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