TAUS Speech-to-Speech Translation Technology Report

TAUS S2S Translation Technology Report

The Speech-to-Speech Translation Technology Report provides an overview of S2S translation technologies for everyone who is working in the translation industry. The report is part of an ongoing series providing the state-of-the-art surveys of the relevant technologies, players, underlying vision and market strengths and weaknesses.





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Keynotes Winter 2016

This eBook contains all articles and blogs about the TAUS Annual Conference and the QE Summit in Portland, OR on 24-26 October, 2016. The contributors are Alex Chen, Dace Dzeguze, David Koot, Nick Lambson, Anne-Maj van der Meer, Min Tan and Peng Wang.

TAUS Translation Technology Landscape Report 2016

The Translation Technology Landscape Report 2016 provides an overview for everyone who is working in the translation industry. It is also a great introduction into the industry for anyone who is planning to invest in translation technologies or service businesses.

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Keynotes Summer 2016

This eBook contains all articles and blogs about the TAUS Industry Leaders Forum and the QE Summit in Dublin on June 6, 7 and 8, 2016. The contributors are Jaap van der Meer, Toos Stoker, Paola Valli, Anne Stoker, Dace Dzeguze, David Koot, Yung-Ok Jo, Kirill Soloviev and Anne-Maj van der Meer.


TAUS Translation Data Landscape Report

In 2013 TAUS published its “Translation Technology Landscape Report” with the aim of helping beginners understand the uses for different types of translation technology and make informed decisions. This present report on translation data is a natural sequel to that technology-focused report.

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Keynotes 2015

This eBook contains all articles and blogs about TAUS events that took place in Washington and San Jose, October 2015. The contributors are Attila Görög, Jaap van der Meer, Nick Lambson, Peng Wang, Hyerim Ko, Paola Valli, Mark Seligman and Anne-Maj van der Meer.

TAUS Quality Dashboard White Paper

This white paper describes how DQF generates a Quality Dashboard serving the interests of all stakeholders in the global translation industry. Through easy-to-use plug-ins translators and managers share data and reports that give them valuable statistics, benchmarking and analytics.

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Dynamic Quality Framework Report 2015

In 2014 a survey was carried out, aimed at collecting user feedback on DQF, and on translation Quality Evaluation in general. This report contains the results of the survey, use cases and recommendations on how to apply DQF to real life scenarios in the translation and localization business.

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Moses MT Market Report

This report gives an overview of the landscape of Moses Machine Translation: its history, adoption by industry, estimates of market size and demographics and much more. It’s a valuable source of information for everyone who is interested in MT and specifically in the Moses open-source MT system.

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Fighting Morphology in SMT

This report presents statistical machine translation (SMT) systems for the English-Finnish and English Hungarian language pairs. Mainstream machine translation research focuses on widely-spoken highly-resourced language pairs like Chinese-English or Arabic-English, with certain room for traditionally investigated pairs like English-Spanish or English-French. Yet, localization into Finnish and Hungarian is essential to access the markets of the two European countries.

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MT Market Report 2014

MT Market Report

MT is on an irreversible journey with no return. Despite the many challenges – documented in this report as well – we expect massive adoption. The MT Market Report 2014 zooms in on the different types of offerings and players in the realm of machine translation.

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