TAUS Data Market White Paper

This white paper gives an overview of the issues, the players, and benefits associated with the sharing of translation data. And it offers a solution to capitalizing on translation data, offering benefits for all stakeholders and creating a level playing field.

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TAUS Machine Translation Market Report 2017

Machine Translation Market Report 2017

MT technology itself is on its way to becoming a commodity, shifting the critical growth factor to language data, i.e.  language-pair, speech and monolingual data sets) that are used to train the engines. In this Machine Translation Market Report, we zoom in on the different types of offerings and players in the MT market, with a special focus on the emergence of neural MT. 

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TAUS Speech-to-Speech Translation Technology Report

TAUS S2S Translation Technology Report

The Speech-to-Speech Translation Technology Report provides an overview of S2S translation technologies for everyone who is working in the translation industry. The report is part of an ongoing series providing the state-of-the-art surveys of the relevant technologies, players, underlying vision and market strengths and weaknesses.





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Keynotes Winter 2016

This eBook contains all articles and blogs about the TAUS Annual Conference and the QE Summit in Portland, OR on 24-26 October, 2016. The contributors are Alex Chen, Dace Dzeguze, David Koot, Nick Lambson, Anne-Maj van der Meer, Min Tan and Peng Wang.

TAUS Translation Technology Landscape Report 2016

The Translation Technology Landscape Report 2016 provides an overview for everyone who is working in the translation industry. It is also a great introduction into the industry for anyone who is planning to invest in translation technologies or service businesses.

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Keynotes Summer 2016

This eBook contains all articles and blogs about the TAUS Industry Leaders Forum and the QE Summit in Dublin on June 6, 7 and 8, 2016. The contributors are Jaap van der Meer, Toos Stoker, Paola Valli, Anne Stoker, Dace Dzeguze, David Koot, Yung-Ok Jo, Kirill Soloviev and Anne-Maj van der Meer.


Redefining Translation Quality: from User Data to Business Intelligence

Translation Quality eBook TAUSTranslation quality is one of the key concepts in the translation industry today. Measuring and tracking translation quality is essential for all players of the industry. More and more translation vendors offer different types and levels of quality resulting in dynamic pricing. Translation buyers are seeking to know whether their customized Machine Translation (MT) engine is improving and they would like to compare different MT providers. Finally, translators need to set the threshold of TM/MT matches at the most optimal levels. These are just a few examples where translation quality becomes central and increasingly tuned to user satisfaction.

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TAUS Post-Editing Guidelines

Machine translation (MT) with post-editing (PE) is fast becoming a standard practice in our industry. This means that organizations need to be able to easily identify, qualify, train and evaluate post-editors’ performances.

Today, there are many methodologies in use, resulting in a lack of cohesive standards as organizations take various approaches for evaluating performance. Some use final output quality evaluation or post-editor productivity as a standalone metric. Others analyze quality data such as “over-edit” or “under-edit” of the post-editor’s effort or evaluate the percentage of MT suggestions used versus MT suggestions that are discarded in the final output.

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TAUS Translation Data Landscape Report

In 2013 TAUS published its “Translation Technology Landscape Report” with the aim of helping beginners understand the uses for different types of translation technology and make informed decisions. This present report on translation data is a natural sequel to that technology-focused report.

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Keynotes 2015

This eBook contains all articles and blogs about TAUS events that took place in Washington and San Jose, October 2015. The contributors are Attila Görög, Jaap van der Meer, Nick Lambson, Peng Wang, Hyerim Ko, Paola Valli, Mark Seligman and Anne-Maj van der Meer.

TAUS Quality Dashboard White Paper

This white paper describes how DQF generates a Quality Dashboard serving the interests of all stakeholders in the global translation industry. Through easy-to-use plug-ins translators and managers share data and reports that give them valuable statistics, benchmarking and analytics.

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