In this industry report, we share our predictions for the future of the translation industry in line with our expectation that automation will accelerate in the translation sector during the coming 5 years. The anticipated changes will inevitably bring along various challenges and opportunities all of which are explained thoroughly in the Translation Industry in 2022 Report.


TAUS conducted consultation surveys among members from November 2016 through January 2017, asking them to propose their ideas on innovation. Along with the analysis of the survey results, TAUS gained significant insights from the brainstorming session at the TAUS Industry Summit on March 22-24. Results from these events depicted a drastically changing landscape for the coming 5 years of the industry. 

These extensive surveys yielded out ten different themes that will shape the future of the translation industry that will challenge us with the changes in jobs, sharing of data, working on cloud and getting intelligence from data. Yet, they will also offer us the opportunity of an increase in efficiency and translation innovation that will enable better automation. 

What will drive this change? The report explains the following 6 drivers of change:   

In this report, we show that the future of the translation industry will portray an image full of innovation and automation. Having foreseen that, the industry should be able to adapt its resources and methods accordingly in order to continue to grow and serve the needs and requirements of the innovation age.


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