May 11, 2015, Amsterdam – Today TAUS is launching the “Quality Management with DQF” online course. The course is aimed at professionals working in the localization industry and anyone who is interested to learn about translation quality. The course covers standards, modern methods of measuring translation quality, the use of the Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF) tools for content profiling, MT ranking, productivity measurement, adequacy, fluency and error review. The course is developed in cooperation with Willem Stoeller (a TAUS representative and member of the Localization Institute) and is offered online through the TAUS web site. Upon successful completion of the course participants receive a certificate from TAUS and from the Localization Institute.

“Translation quality management is a hot theme in the global translation industry lately”, says Jaap van der Meer, Director of TAUS. “With the pressure to translate ever more content faster and more efficiently, translators and managers are looking for ways to automate and optimize processes. This raises the need for a more dynamic way of measuring translation quality. DQF meets this requirement.”

The online self-study consists of four hours of recordings interspersed with quizzes and exercises. The latter will take 8-12 hours to complete.

“The launch of this new Quality Management with DQF course is a direct result from customers’ demand”, says Attila Görög, Product Manager at TAUS. “Today, there is an increasing appetite in the translation industry for easy-to-follow, nonacademic e-learning courses on translation and localization. The TAUS Quality Management course and the Post-editing course launched last year are two in a series of planned on-line courses that will contribute to better education and practice in our sector.

According to Eduardo D’Antonio (Director of Globalization Operations for VMware), “The TAUS DQF tools and the support of its co-creators provided valuable input into our new quality evaluation processes. In addition, TAUS representative Willem Stoeller was instrumental in designing and implementing those quality evaluation processes.” 

For more information about the “Quality Management with DQF” course, see the overview and video on the TAUS web site:


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