October, 2011, Amsterdam – At the TDA Annual General Meeting on October 5th, three new Supervisory Board members are elected by the Association’s members from six candidates who stood for election.

The TDA Supervisory Board provides oversight of TDA on behalf of the members and encourages non-members to integrate their platforms and technologies with the TDA repository. The Supervisory Board members are elected for a 4 year period. The other four members, Will Burgett (Intel), Melissa Biggs (Oracle), Chris Wendt (Microsoft), Francis Tsang (Adobe), have one more year to serve on the Board.

Wayne Bourland, DELL

“Serving on the TDA board gives me an opportunity to do three things I am passionate about: to continue to drive collaboration, be it data, working relationships, or best practice sharing; to interject the enterprise client point of view into industry direction, and to participate in innovation.”

Smith Yewell, Welocalize

“I share Jaap’s vision for shared linguistic data, a future built upon corpus linguistics and the critical requirement for interoperability. In the last couple of years, Welocalize has been actively involved in these initiatives and provided support as a founding member of TDA, Interoperability Now, Open TM2 and The Rosetta Foundation.”

Tim Young, Cisco

“I am committed to supporting TAUS and the TDA mission to drive advancement in the global translation industry and accelerate the development and adoption of MT standards. I believe that working together with industry leaders on addressing new routes to market and evolving the localization supply chain will help us to improve operational efficiencies, time to market quality and profitability.”

About TAUS Data Association

TAUS Data Association  is a non-profit organization providing a neutral and secure platform for sharing language data. Users share their translation memories and in return have access to shared data by members and users. TDA is a super cloud for the global translation industry, helping to improve translation quality, automation and fuel business innovation.

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