January, 31, 2013, Amsterdam – TAUS, the translation innovation think tank and platform for industry-shared services, announces the release of SMT toolkit version 1.0.

Moses was initiated in 2005 as a research project. In the seven years since, the open source Moses statistical translation toolkit has become the de facto platform for academic research globally. The Moses developer community has become vibrant and grown tremendously. The translation industry has been adopting Moses in increasingly greater numbers.
The version 1.0 release resolves long-standing usability issues, enabling broader adoption among academic and business users. The structure and installation of the Moses toolkit has been simplified to make compilation and installation easier. The Moses toolkit now successfully runs on a number of operating systems.
Prior to the launch of the Moses toolkit Hieu Hoang, one of the leaders of Machine Translation group at the University of Edinburgh and Moses Release Coordinator, commented: “Up until recently, the Moses project has been very much a research-focused project, and a by-product of that research. With the availability of funding through MosesCore for dedicated personnel to maintain and develop the project, we now have the resources to make Moses more professional, more user-friendly, better tested, documented and supported. This gives us the confidence to finally roll out version 1 of Moses”.
Version 1 is the first of three releases planned as part of MosesCore. 
About MosesCore 
MosesCore aims to encourage the development and usage of open source machine translation tools. MosesCore is an EU-funded Coordination Action, which brings together academic and commercial partners sharing a common interest in open source machine translation.
MosesCore is supported by the European Commission Grant Number 288487 under the 7th Framework Programme.
For more information about MosesCore, please visit:
About TAUS 
TAUS is an innovation think tank and interoperability watchdog for the translation industry.
TAUS is an innovation think tank and platform for industry-shared services, resources and research for the translation sector globally. We envision translation as a standard feature, a ubiquitous service. Like the Internet, electricity, and water, translation is one of the basic needs of human civilization. Our mission is to increase the size and significance of the translation industry to help the world communicate better. We support entrepreneurs and principals in the translation industry to share and define new strategies through a comprehensive range of events, publications and knowledge tools.