November 8, 2016, Amsterdam – TAUS, the resource center for the global language and translation industries, has just held its Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon. The agenda was filled with topics that concern leaders in localization. With a record number of attendees this year, the event also featured the competition for the TAUS Innovation Awards.

The theme for this year’s conference was “The Game Changers of 2016”.  Paula Shannon, VP and CSO of Lionbridge hosted the Innovation Contest. In her opening speech, Shannon outlined the different types of innovation being pursued by language service providers, new and established, and focused the audience on the question of where great ideas come from.

“With the exciting news from Google on improvements in neural machine translation output and Microsoft's recent blog on the attainment of near human parity in conversational speech recognition, the conference’s focus on technology innovation in the language industry could not be timelier,” Shannon said. “Each of the 19 presenters inspired an audience of leaders at the TAUS Annual Conference with their innovations.”

Nine industry invaders and ten insiders were selected to compete in the TAUS Game Changer Innovation Contest for the best innovative solutions in the translation industry. The nine industry invaders gave their presentations, all great innovations, with Spence Green, who presented the Lilt tool, winning the invader category award.

"Post-editing is a poor user experience for translators, and is difficult to price for businesses,” said Spence Green, founder and CEO of Lilt. “Lilt solves both problems with a richer machine-assisted translation experience for translators coupled with rich supply-chain analytics for businesses.”

Ten insiders presented their innovative technologies and once again a clear winner emerged. George Zhao impressed the audience with his karaoke-style easy to use dubbing tool.

“Innovation has to solve real-world problems, like the high cost of localizing video when more and more text is shifting that way,” said George Zhao, founder and chairman of Boffin. “That problem led us to find a new way to lower the cost of video localization: The VideoLocalize platform.”

The TAUS team would like to congratulate both winners and thank all our participants in this year’s awards.


TAUS celebrates the most inspiring, effective and compelling presentations given at TAUS events, raising the bar for others to follow. The TAUS Innovation Awards celebrate the best innovative solutions in the translation industry.


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