GTS Translation Plugin for Wordpress

GTS Global Translations

A Wordpress plugin that translates websites into over 30 languages and supports human post-editing of MT.
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The only comprehensive automated translation solution able to meet the full range of translation needs on an enterprise scale
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Statistical Machine Translation System based on Moses. E4MT is designed for localization service process.
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Moses for Mere Mortals

Moses for Mere Mortals

Set of Linux bash scripts that, together, create a basic translation chain prototype able of processing very large corpora. It uses Moses, a widely known statistical machine translation (SMT) system.
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Iconic Translation Machines

Iconic Translation Machines

Machine Translation with Subject Matter Expertise. Adapted with intelligence for specific technical fields incl. legal, life sciences, and financial.
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The Globalizor™

Kinetic theTechnologyAgency

Kinetic Globalizor™ translation management systems provide translation metrics to ensure optimum clarity and consistent process improvement.
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Prompsit Language Engineering

AltLang is an open source tool to manage language varieties for English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. AltLang covers differences in vocabulary, syntax, spelling and style and is fully customisable.
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Slate Desktop For Windows

Precision Translation Tools Pte. Ltd

Personalized Translation Engine™ that learns users style and protects client confidentiality.
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Text United Translation Framework

Text United GmbH

Companies use Translation Framework to perform translations in-house, send to freelancers directly or send to Text United Translation Dept. Using only one system, users can monitor progress in real-time, see the translators’ names and their rates.
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machine translation


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