Basic Info

Translation Support categories: -

Company: Translate.org.za

Contact: Dwayne Bailey

Address: 63A Wenning St - Groenkloof

City/Town: Pretoria

State/Province: Gauteng

ZIP/PostalCode: 181

Country: South Africa

Email Address: dwayne@translate.org.za

Phone: -

Website: http://translate.org.za/

Platform: Linux

Installation: -

Industry domain: -

Price/License: Open Source/Support based engagements

Free Satelite Version: Yes


Standards, APIs

Open Standards Support: PO TBX TMX XLIFF

Open API: Open source with open command line interaction that can be adapted as needed

Supported File Formats

MS Office 2000-2003: -

MS Office 2007: -

MS Office 2010: -

MS Office 2013: -

Open Office: -

Web Files: -


Text: -

Desktop Publishing: -

Graphical Applications: -

Source Code and Binary Files: Java: properties

Other: Qt Linguist (.ts)


Project set-up

Collaborative features: Community formation, language rights control

Shared resources: Shared terminology

Web MT integration: Google, Microsoft in v2.2

Custom MT integration: -

Supports multiple TMs: -

Server based TM support: Yes

Distribution in parts to in-house and external translators: Yes

Project management integration: Yes

Integrated workflow tools: Yes

User role configuration different subtasks: Yes

Translation project statistics: Yes

Configuration profiles for project settings: -

TU segmentation

Translation Unit Segmentation characteristics: Paragraph-based Bi-lingual only


Advanced Leveraging

Achieved through: -

Other: Levenschtein distance


Source text quality check: No

Alignment tool: No

Alignment result editor: No

Term identification & extraction: No

Pseudo-translation process: No

Customization of non-translatable text settings: No

Customization of document format filters: No


Integrated terminology look-up: Yes

Standalone termbase look-up: Yes

Available termbase fields: source, target

Support external dictionaries: No

Importing terms: Any supported term format

Multiple termbase support: Unlimited

TM editor

Proprietary editor: No

MS Word-based editor: No

Web based editor: Yes

TM editor features: Multiple horizontal/vertical windows Fuzzy matching Flag segements to be reviewed Termbase search


Integrated spellchecker: Yes

Format integrity verification: Yes

Check all translatable segments translated: Yes

TM-cleanup function: No

Other: -

Project archiving tool: No

Other Features


Hardware requirements: Server hardware: RAM, CPU and diskspace depends on required load

Software/Installation requirements: Linux

Other noteworthy features: -



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