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Kilgray Translation Technlogies

Basic Info

Translation Support categories: -

Company: Kilgray Translation Technlogies

Contact: István Lengyel

Address: Béke sugárút 72.

City/Town: Gyula

State/Province: -

ZIP/PostalCode: 5700

Country: Hungary

Email Address:

Phone: -


Platform: Windows

Installation: Standalone -desktop

Industry domain: -

Price/License: 770 USD

Free Satelite Version: Yes


Standards, APIs

Open Standards Support: SRX TMX XLIFF

Open API: No

Supported File Formats

MS Office 2000-2003: DOC RTF XLS PPT

MS Office 2007: XLSX PPTX

MS Office 2010: DOCX XLSX PPTX

MS Office 2013: DOCX XLSX PPTX

Open Office: ODT




Desktop Publishing: MIF -FrameMaker INX -InDesign IDML -InDesign PDF -Acrobat Reader

Graphical Applications: SVG -Illustrator

Source Code and Binary Files: Java: properties

Other: DITA, Typo3, .ttx, .pxf, .ppf


Project set-up

Collaborative features: Yes - Users working with desktop licenses can access a central memoQ server that enables team translation. Working with a memoQ server, a project manager, many translators and reviewers can work on a collaborative translation project; even on the same document.

Shared resources: Yes - translation memories, term bases, corpora, segmentation rules, ignore lists, auto-correct list, auto-translation rules, non-translatable lists, filter configuations, QA settings

Web MT integration: Yes - Google MT

Custom MT integration: -

Supports multiple TMs: Yes - Unlimited number of TMs

Server based TM support: Yes

Distribution in parts to in-house and external translators: Yes

Project management integration: -

Integrated workflow tools: Yes

User role configuration different subtasks: Yes

Translation project statistics: Yes

Configuration profiles for project settings: document format, word count, segmentation

TU segmentation

Translation Unit Segmentation characteristics: -


Advanced Leveraging

Achieved through: Statistics-based sub-segment matching Supports multiple tm corpora

Other: -


Source text quality check: No

Alignment tool: Yes

Alignment result editor: Yes

Term identification & extraction: Yes

Pseudo-translation process: Yes

Customization of non-translatable text settings: Yes

Customization of document format filters: Yes


Integrated terminology look-up: Yes

Standalone termbase look-up: No

Available termbase fields: unlimited

Support external dictionaries: No

Importing terms: Yes - Through .TMX and .CSV

Multiple termbase support: Yes - Unlimited

TM editor

Proprietary editor: Yes

MS Word-based editor: No

Web based editor: No

TM editor features: Multiple horizontal/vertical windows Expand segment Contract segment Fuzzy matching Customizable fuzzy setting Translate until next fuzzy macth Flag segements to be reviewed Termbase search TM search Concordance search Translation preview


Integrated spellchecker: Yes

Format integrity verification: Yes

Check all translatable segments translated: Yes

TM-cleanup function: No

Other: -

Project archiving tool: -

Other Features


Hardware requirements: IBM PC compatible computer at least 30 MB of free disk space

Software/Installation requirements: # Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2003 operating system # Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 or higher (included with memoQ) # Microsoft Office 2000 or higher (for importing Microsoft Office files and preview generation - Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 recommended)

Other noteworthy features: Advanced corpora management, analysis on formatting tags, cascading filters, context-sensitive translation memory, Eurotermbank, MyMemory TAUS plug-ins integrated, Google MT v2.0 support (more coming), on-the-fly alignment, term extraction, track changes, and many other features…



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