Webinar: Microsoft-TAUS Partnership for DeMT
24 May 2023
5pm-5:30pm CEST

Microsoft and TAUS announced a partnership for Data-enhanced MT. Customers can subscribe to domain-specific MT engines and get automatic translations with better quality than the baseline engines

In this webinar speakers from Microsoft and TAUS present this new MT offering, the benefits, use cases and a roadmap for expansion into more domains and languages.

What we talk about

About the Microsoft and TAUS partnership to provide custom MT models and who can benefit from this

Preparation process of the custom MT models available

Demo of how Custom Translator users can use the models in their environment

Q&A with the expert panel

Mohamed El-Ghazali
Principal PM Data Scientist | Microsoft
Dace Dzeguze
Amir Kamran
Solutions Architect | TAUS