Webinar: Generative AI & Translation
19 April 2023
5pm-6pm CEST

The hype around ChatGPT hits every news channel and every sector and aspect of life these days. And of course everyone making a living out of translation and localization in the world has started wondering now too what this miraculous new breakthrough in AI means to their profession or to their business. We talked talk this through with some of the experts in this TAUS webinar.

Everyone knows TAUS as the techno optimist, especially when it comes to MT. We were advocating MT already when almost nobody in the translation industry believed that there could be any practical use for it. And yet, this time we are leaning to the other side. Too much hype and excitement over ChatGPT and the marvels of large language models can smother the great achievements of the last ten years. 

Or, are we at TAUS now becoming conservative?

Questions discussed

How will ChatGPT affect the translation business?

Is ChatGPT really the last station on our journey to singularity?

What are the practical use cases of ChatGPT in the translation space?

And what are the shortcomings?

Q&A with the expert panel

Diego Bartolome
Founder | sintetic.ai
Frederik Pedersen
CEO & Co-founder | EasyTranslate
Christian Federmann
Principal Research Manager | Microsoft
Amir Kamran
Solutions Architect | TAUS
João Graca
CTO | Unbabel
Sarah Weldon
Product Manager, Cloud Translation | Google