Webinar: Automating Translation Quality Review with Estimate API
23 May 2023
5 - 6 pm CEST

The rise of MT now with the success stories of ChatGPT and LLMs increases the pressure on the translation industry to put better controls in place for quality review. TAUS launched DeMT Estimate API, an AI-powered QE system.

In this webinar speakers present their quality review practice and discuss how they are planning to implement quality prediction.

What we talk about

How quality prediction works with TAUS Estimate API

Use case presentations by Uber, Yamagata, MotionPoint with a focus on their production environments, and scoring approaches

Business case presentations with a focus on benefits by MotionPoint, Yamagata, Uber

Q&A with the expert panel

James Lin
Localization Technical Program Manager | Uber
Marta Nieto Cayuela
Localization Experience Program Manager | Uber
Stephen Tyler
Chief Product and Technology Officer | MotionPoint
Verity Cockburn
Product Manager Data Engineering | MotionPoint
Heidi Van Hiel
Operations Manager | Yamagata
Jourik Ciesielski
CTO | Yamagata
Anne-Maj van der Meer
Director of Strategic Partnerships | TAUS
Amir Kamran
Solutions Architect | TAUS