Translation Data Landscape Report
Understanding Translation Data

This report describes the current state of affairs in the way translation data is used and identifies the opportunities and challenges for the next five years or so in terms of a data “marketplace”.

Now that data has taken on such a strategic role in innovating translation automation, there will be a myriad of new practical questions about the link between translation data and translation (and related) practices.

In the Translation Data Landscape Report we will try to find answers to a variety of questions.

What you will learn

Who are the producers and consumers of translation data? How are they changing?

Is there a viable “market” for translation data, beyond the current informal sharing or web- scraping model?

What can we do to overcome the legal/technical issues and concerns regarding translation data sharing?

How could translation data sharing as a natural practice integrate with the European Digital Single Market program?

Which models of translation data circulation work best? For how long? What could disrupt them