case studies
icons-action-calendar19 Sep 2022
ING Hubs Poland found out that training with TAUS datasets improves the number of perfect translations by 15%, and with 95% precision, it was seen that all translations generated through the MTengine trained by TAUS datasets will always be better.
icons-action-calendar1 Feb 2022
The challenge of MT training in a narrow domain can be overcome with high-quality, strictly domain-specific training data. Custom MT has observed a 19% increase in MT quality scores after training with TAUS training datasets.
icons-action-calendar19 Jan 2022
An independent BLEU score analysis on customization of Amazon Active Custom Translate with domain-specific TAUS datasets.
icons-action-calendar22 Jun 2021
TAUS provided language data for Pangeanic to train their machine translation models and improve their adaptive MT outputs for the COVID-19, pandemic and healthcare domain.
icons-action-calendar12 Apr 2021
TAUS formed a community of 200+ contributors based on their product affinity in various product categories for data annotation in several European languages for a global e-commerce corporation.
icons-action-calendar19 Feb 2021
After the training with the TAUS datasets in the pandemic domain, the SYSTRAN engines improved on average 18% across all twelve language pairs compared to the baseline engines.
icons-action-calendar12 Feb 2021
Learn how the TAUS corona crisis datasets helped three distinct organizations overcome the challenge of finding sufficient, domain-specific data in a time of global crisis.