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Representatives help companies automate and innovate their localization business. The representatives are consultants with deep knowledge of translation technologies and localization processes. They are familiar with TAUS resources, metrics and tools and they can help TAUS members and users get the optimal results through training, customization and on premise implementation. Consulting work may involve the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework and rationalization of translation quality evaluation, use of TAUS Data for optimization of automation, use of TAUS Search and TAUS Data Private Vaults for terminology management, use of the TAUS Translation API in support of interoperability.



Tom AlwoodWoodpark Consulting

Tom Alwood

Tom Alwood, has twenty years experience working in multilingual communications, both in translation operations and technology management roles. His focus is on the integration of technology with operations with the goal of optimizing the efficiency of localization production. He has served as the technology lead for the internal translation departments of Bowne, RR Donnelley and Merrill Communications as well as independent LSPs. Currently he consults with LSPs and Buyers on technology adoption and production automation. His areas of specialization include technology development, implementation, and integration for business management systems, workflow tools, CAT and Machine Translation tools and interactive client solutions.

How does Woodpark Consulting represent TAUS?

Woodpark Consulting offers the TAUS community consulting on translation technology strategy, technology implementation, process optimization and TAUS-focused initiatives such as the Dynamic Quality Framework, TAUS Data, Post-editing and APIs. Tom is also happy to offer informal guidance on how TAUS can benefit your organization as well as speaking at conferences and meetings about the TAUS approach to translation automation.

Contact Tom via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kerstin Bernsberns language consulting GmbH

Kerstin Berns

Kerstin Berns is founder of berns language consulting, located in Düsseldorf, Germany. Kerstin started her career as a translation system specialist for DaimlerChrysler in Stuttgart, introducing machine translation to the DaimlerChrysler intranet in 1999 before working as team leader for the BMW Aftersales translation team. In 2005 Kerstin started her own company, an independent consultancy aiming at state-of-the-art quality and efficiency for the multilingual information process chain. The berns language consulting team of six caters to the needs of medium to large international companies with big data and a strong interest in lean management and quality control. berns language consulting has no ties to any translation or software vendors whatsoever.

How does Kerstin represent TAUS?

berns language consulting offers consulting services as well as trainings and support on all modules of the multilingual information process chain. The TAUS translation quality approach is an important part of an ideal information management process as we see it. We help customers introduce the DQF effectively into their process chain and offer guidance with implementing it into customized environments. We believe that big data and the cloud are an issue for all companies and that machine translation plays an important part in this, calling for effective methods to handle large data volumes and quality.

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Henk BoxmaBoxma IT

Henk Boxma

Henk Boxma, a principal consultant and entrepreneur, has over 20 years of software engineering experience, a decade of which has been in the medical device industry at various geographical locations. Henk has specialized in streamlining localization processes and develops tools and technologies to ease life. He successfully guides companies from around the globe on how to change processes throughout the organization. Using his insights and ideas, significant process improvements and cost savings can be achieved for all involved disciplines. Henk holds an MS in technical computer sciences from Twente University in The Netherlands.

How does Henk represent TAUS?

We are specialized in localization technology and help companies to achieve synergies between various disciplines in an organization, such as technical documentation, development, translation and testing. As a TAUS representative we support organizations with technical implementations regarding the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework.

Contact Henk via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alex HanBeijing Language and Culture University

Alex Han

Alex Han(韩林涛) is a teacher of the School of Translation and Interpreting, Beijing Language and Culture University(BLCU), China's first school of translation and interpreting that offers multi-language translation and interpreting programs and first school in the nation to offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Translation and Localization. Before joining BLCU, he received his Master Degree in Computer-aided Translation from Peking University and worked as a project manager at LingoSail Technology, a TAUS member and Chinese Provider of CAT tools based on advanced Cloud Computing Technology. With rich experience on translation technology development and training, Alex is now teaching computer-aided translation course and translation project management course at BLCU and also one of two lecturers of Coursera course Principles and Practice of Computer-aided Translation.

How does Alex represent TAUS?

For Language Service Buyers, Language Service Providers, universities and individuals in China, as a TAUS representative Alex can assist with the application of practical translation technology solutions based on the TAUS DQF tools, TAUS APIs, TAUS Data, Post-editing and related translation technologies and resources to meet their specific needs. To demonstrate TAUS services and products, Alex can offer online and/or onsite training courses in translation quality management, translation project management, computer-aided translation technologies and customized consulting services on specific objectives. If organizations and individuals in China consider joining as a TAUS member, Alex is also happy to discuss further details.

Contact Alex via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Aki ItoLocalizationGuy LLC

Aki Ito

Aki Ito is a 20-year localization veteran with a broad command of industry trends. He has hands-on experience helping companies in a range of industries to integrate localization into their businesses. Ito founded LocalizationGuy, LLC, to help companies explore, establish, implement and evolve their localization practices. Ito is former Board Chair of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) and former Editor of MultiLingual Magazine. In the past, Ito has served as Localization Lead for the Society for Technical Communication, in multinational sales for Dell, and as an interpreter for the Colorado Rockies Baseball Club.

How does LocalizationGuy represent TAUS?

LocalizationGuy, LLC, helps clients:

  • Develop virtual teams of Lead Linguists for quality assurance.
  • Develop virtual teams of machine translation post-editors.
  • Manage continuous improvement through Six Sigma-type process improvement and technology assessment.

Aki Ito and LocalizationGuy, LLC, share the TAUS vision that automated translation and industry shared services will play the critical role as the world becomes increasingly connected and demand continues to grow for access to content in every language. As a consultant and TAUS representative, Ito helps clients understand the wide array of localization options and make sound business decisions.

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Bill Kirtz, LQA implementation consultant

Bill Kirtz

Bill Kirtz has spent the last 25 years in the Language Services Industry first cutting his teeth on the client-side at Sybase as International Product Manager on PowerBuilder and other products within the Global Products Group. He then became so enamored with the field that after leaving Sybase he continued to work within the industry on the vendor’s side at such companies as: GlobalVision International, ABLE Innovations, New England Translation, International Translate, Transperfect,, WeLocalize, and Anzu Global. His focus has always been throughout his career on how to deliver the highest quality translation at the lowest effective cost to his clients.

How does Bill represent TAUS?
  • Guides implementation of vendor-side QA initiatives, like the TAUS dashboard, or Guides implementation and setup of
  • Guides implementation and setup of client side quality analysis system for continuous testing Plans and project manages the testing, consulting and improvement process.
  • Plans and project manages the testing, consulting and improvement process.


Contact Bill via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Andrew Lawless, Rockant

Andrew Lawless

Andrew Lawless creates heroes inrecognition at the top of their organization. As President and Founder of Rockant, he runs the go-to firm for localization training and consulting for Fortune 5,000 companies. Andrew is a proven expert and thought leader in the localization industry with an unrivaled track record of delivering actionable, high-value training and consulting. He is razor sharply focused on inspiring and priming localization professionals for success.

How does Rockant represent TAUS?

Rockant’s consulting services and training programs have created heroes in international businesses for over a decade. We believe that you—personally—deserve recognition at the top of your organization and Rockant consultants have a razor-sharp focus on your success. You can, and will, make localization a strong revenue driver for your business.

We provide consulting, training and managed services that transform your career from “localization guy/girl,” to a strategic adviser to executive management. Together, we will build best in class localization operations, localization automation and mission critical services, such as localization project management, terminology management and multilingual web content management.

Talk to us to find out how a Speed-Discovery session can give you immediate relief. 100% money back guarantee. Yes, we have that much confidence in your success.

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Luigi Muzii, sQuid

Luigi Muzii

Luigi Muzii has been working in the language industry since 1982 as a translator, localizer, technical writer, and consultant. After 12 years in several departments of a major Italian telecommunications company, and two years in a broadcasting service company, in 2002, he started a translation and localization consulting firm. He taught terminology and localization at the LUSPIO University (now UNINT) in Rome for a decade, and is the author of a book on technical writing, another one on the translation industry, a booklet on translation quality systems, and of many articles. He speaks regularly at conferences, and holds webinars and workshops.

How does sQuid represent TAUS?

sQuid has been representing TAUS to prospects and customers, at events and in regular business, with strategic advice and assistance in integrating its services, profiting from its educational resources and maximizing the use of its data.

sQuid will help TAUS members exploit TAUS API’s to integrate the DQF tools in their workflows and maximize their use of TAUS data. sQuid will also provide TAUS members with strategic advice and assistance for choosing the technologies that best meet their needs and reengineer their processes. sQuid’s offering ranges from consulting and support to training in authoring and translation, terminology and controlled languages, translation memories and data, from project management to process integration.

Contact Luigi via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ryutaro Nishino, Globalization Design Institute

Ryutaro Nishino

Ryutaro Nishino is the representative partner at Globalization Design Institute LLC, a Tokyo-based company that provides consulting services related to software globalization, i.e., internationalization and localization. Ryutaro has more than 14 years of experience in the industry as a translator and software developer. He is also the author of an award-winning book, Application Wo Tsukuru Eigo (English for App Development). His industry-related article includes: Learning localization in context (Multilingual, December 2013). He holds a master's degree from Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan, and is a member of Style Guide Committee at Japan Translation Federation (JTF).

How does Ryutaro represent TAUS?

Ryutaro helps organizations implement a translation quality evaluation system that uses TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF). With extensive experience as a Japanese linguist, Ryutaro has special strength in quality evaluation in the Japanese context.

Contact Ryutaro Nishino via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mirko Plitt

Mirko Plitt

Mirko Plitt is the co-founder of Switzerland-based Modulo Language Automation GmbH. A computational linguist by training, Mirko started his career as machine translation dement system, deployed one of the industry's broadest machine translation portfolios, and introduced the concept of real-time terminology management. Mirko has presented at many conferences, published articles and often been quoted in the media, on topics such as multilingual content management, translation automation and translation quality strategies. In 2014, the European Commission selected him as external expert for the evaluation of research projects in translation technology.

How does Mirko represent TAUS?

Mirko guides buyers and providers of language services to formulate and meet their specific translation objectives, using the full potential of today's technology and processes, of which TAUS is the point of crystallization. His approach relentlessly challenges the perceived need for complexity and systematically focuses on demonstrable success, be it financial or in terms of user experience.

Contact Mirko via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Richard Sikes

Richard Sikes

Richard Sikes has been immersed in technical translation and localization for over 30 years. He is passionate about linguistic technologies of all kinds. Richard has managed localization teams at several industry-leading software companies. He contributes frequently to MultiLingual magazine, and he is well-known as a speaker at translation industry events. Richard holds a BA in Fine Arts from the University of California, Diplom Betriebswirt (FH) from the Fachhochschule Heidelberg, and an MBA from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

Contact Richard via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kirill Soloviev, ContentQuo

Kirill Soloviev

Kirill Soloviev is the co-founder & Head of Product at ContentQuo, an Eastern Europe based technology startup on a mission to help translation buyers and their translation vendors collaborate transparently on delivering higher quality, more efficient multilingual content to their ultimate end users and readers. Kirill has a diverse 13+ year background in the Localization industry spanning a variety of perspectives (corporate localization department, LSP, and freelance) and disciplines (language & terminology, projects & programs, engineering, and leadership). Before the startup, he’s been serving as a Global Director of Localization at Acronis, a leading independent software vendor in the data protection & disaster recovery space, as well as a number of other localization management and software engineering roles.

How does Kirill represent TAUS?
  • Localization Departments: help you connect the world of translation quality metrics to business-level KPIs (such as marketing campaign conversions and international customer satisfaction), understand what moves the needle and what generates waste, optimize the ROI of your localization programs and showcase your team's true commitment to global customers PLUS a strong positive impact on your company’s top and bottom lines.
  • Language Service Providers: understand your customers’ needs and expectations for the quality of your translations and the reasons behind those expectations, then translate these needs into scalable & optimized solutions that decrease costs per word, increase employee efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction & retention - all while keeping an eye on enabling your customers to meet their international business goals.

Contact Kirill via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Willem Stoeller

Willem Stoeller

Willem Stoeller PMP, founder and owner of International Consulting LLC has extensive experience in the localization industry: 23+ years experience in translation, localization and internationalization of marketing materials, software products and web content. He also has a solid foundation as development director on commercial software and IT projects. Willem is a Certified Project Management Professional and member of the Project Management Institute. He is the creator and docent of the localization project management certification program offered by the Localization Institute and of the quality management using DQF certification program offered by the Localization Institute and TAUS.

How does Willem represent TAUS?

Assisting organizations with the creation of a translation quality management strategy based on the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework and sampling. Providing advanced quality management training based on standards such as ISO 21500:2012, ISO 17100, ASTM F2575 and the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework tools. Assisting organizations with the execution of a content value analysis of corporate and user generated content and matching content with optimal localization models including use of machine translation, post-editing and community translation. Assisting organizations with the development of a set of metrics to track localization expenditures, localization model productivity, translation quality, vendor performance and confirming/re-aligning best practices.  

Over the last five years Willem has trained hundreds of localization project managers. Through his long relationship with TAUS, Willem is one of the leading experts on the Dynamic Quality Framework.


"In a field as complex and rapidly changing as localization, Willem has demonstrated an ability to navigate through technical and business concerns in guiding his clients. I respect his responsiveness, professional approach, knowledge of international culture and his skill in communicating with his clients and audiences in clear, actionable terms. His consulting services are highly recommended for those who wish to gain knowledge related to meeting global customer expectations."

Dennis Waltman, Service Communications Manager, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

"The TAUS DQF tools and the support of its co-creators provided valuable input into our new quality evaluation processes. In addition, TAUS representative Willem Stoeller was instrumental in designing and implementing those quality evaluation processes."

Eduardo D’Antonio, Director of Globalization Operations for VMware


Contact Willem via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kirti Vashee

Kirti Vashee

Kirti Vashee is an independent translation technology and translation process consultant, based in California, who provides services related to best practice use of MT related technology and processes. He was previously VP of Enterprise Translation sales for Asia Online and also responsible for the worldwide business development and marketing strategy at Language Weaver (SDL). He has long-term sales and marketing experience in the software industry working in both, large global companies (EMC, Legato, Dow Jones, Lotus) and startups . He is the moderator of the Automated Language Translation group with over 5,000 members in LinkedIn and also a former board member of AMTA (American Machine Translation Association). Kirti is active on Twitter (@kvashee) and the blogosphere on MT ( and translation industry strategy related issues. He received his formal education in South Africa, India and the United States. He is also an amateur musician who plays the sitar, bansuri and guitar.

How does Kirti represent TAUS?

Kirti offers consulting services multiple aspects of the multilingual information process chain and especially as related to automation and more efficient translation process management. The TAUS translation quality approach is an important part of an ideal information management process that requires alignment of internal processes for optimal use. He helps to introduce the DQF effectively into their process chain and offer guidance with implementing it into customized environments.

Contact Kirti via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.