Human Language Project
AI training data generated & processed by people for people
Harness the collective power of our global community of 100K+ data contributors to advance machine learning processes, augment data collection and labeling, and accelerate your business processes.
Increased flexibility

Forming and scaling up or down a workforce is not easy. TAUS HLP enables businesses to get data work done without the hassle of an in-house workforce by providing access to a global, on-demand, 24x7 workforce formed dynamically for each project.

Optimal efficiency

You know best what variations you need in your data and we know best how to provide that for you. With a relatively short throughput time, TAUS HLP Team designs the best fitting workforce for your project with ongoing support.

Unmatched functionality

All tasks done on a robust and comprehensive micro-task platform which is also scalable and can be adapted to meet your specific demands. It combines NLP and human capabilities for optimal results and greater efficiency.

Notable versatility

The kind of diversity that makes your AI model more powerful and trains your AI system with minimal bias is hard to achieve. With access to global communities including digitally underrepresented ones across seven continents, HLP workforce is as versatile as it gets.

What can HLP do for you?
Data Creation

Our HLP experts help you build robust ML systems and expand into new markets by collecting text or speech data specific to domain, language, and locale in a wide variety of settings.

Data Evaluation

Our human evaluators compare the output from one or several MT engines and score/rank them based on the given requirements.


A specifically formed team of workers edit already existing localized data, either raw MT output or coming from TMs/customer database. It can also be intention-based such as to eliminate gender pronouns.

Data Annotation

Get your baseline work done efficiently, quickly and accurately with high-quality. We form workforces based on a wide array of criteria to provide an all-encompassing data labeling solution for all your use cases. Our annotation platform currently includes text annotation and can be extended to image and audio based on request.

Multi-step quality control

Get detailed information and compare hundreds of datasets in X language pairs in a single platform without having to do extensive research

Controlled environment and workforce

If you are not sure where to start, our data experts will guide you and design  custom solutions for all your data needs.

Customizable projects

Find the right datasets that fit with your goals, use cases, and requirements.

Automatic checks & Human review by verified workers

Find the right datasets that fit with your goals, use cases, and requirements.

HLP Community
100K+ Workers in 50+ Countries
HLP community is a team of internet professionals registered with TAUS. They work online, performing micro-tasks on our HLP platform using their smart devices.