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Polyglot Technology
AirHelp Localization
Academy of English and Speech Sri Lanka
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Larry Cady
Chilin (HK) Ltd.

See how a niche data provider makes use of the promotional opportunity TAUS Data Marketplace creates to reach large data buyers

Muhammad Alkhateeb

The story of a doctor who created a medical dataset that brings 90% BLEU score improvement for EN-AR language pair.

Margarita Menyailova
EGO Translating Company

Find out how EGO Translating Company became a data seller while looking for data to buy

Adéṣinà Ayẹni

See how Adéṣinà Ayẹni contributes to the digital survival of Yorùbá while monetizing his lifelong ambition.

Mikhail Gilin

Read how TransLink makes the most of an early advantage and addresses data ownership concerns.

Aren Yıldırım

Learn how Aren Yıldırım mobilizes his native community to generate and monetize language data.

Ilan Kernerman
CEO, Lexicala

Lexicala has emerged from the publishing world, as a provider of quality lexicographic content for leading dictionary publishers worldwide