TAUS Academic Program
Bridging the gap between business and academia

Since the founding of TAUS in 2005, the company has always held close ties with the academic community. From professors and researchers participating in panel conversations at TAUS events, students from universities volunteering as interpreters and reporters, to offering access to our products and services and the courses developed through the TAUS eLearning Platform, which are often included in curricula at universities worldwide.

TAUS invites academic departments on translation, language and natural language processing to join the TAUS Academic Program.

Social Responsibility

We see our collaboration with the academic community as a part of our corporate social responsibility. With decades of experience and participation in the language and translation industry activities worldwide, TAUS has gained a mountain of knowledge. Through the Academic Program, TAUS shares this knowledge with students and professionals with the goal to train them and help them acquire job-ready skills. Professors and deans of language and translation programs can get in touch with TAUS for special discounts to our eLearning courses.

Human Language Project

The Human Language Project (HLP) started in 2019 in efforts to increase the presence of language data for digitally less-represented languages. In the meantime it expanded to the more established languages. The data produced through HLP is mainly used for AI applications. In order to create this high-quality and in-domain data, TAUS works with highly educated native speakers from all around the world. When creating a new workers community, we first leverage our academic network. Not only do students earn money from working with TAUS, they also gain real-life experience with the AI-focused language work of the future, and they contribute to making their language and culture more widely available and accessible. It’s a win-win situation!

Research & Development

We collaborate with universities in the Netherlands that have study programs in the field of Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation and Machine Learning and offer internship placements to local students. Interns have the opportunity to learn about the data operations at TAUS, participate in research projects and potentially be employed at TAUS as full-time employees. Additionally, students and researchers from partner universities are welcome to submit relevant articles to be published on the TAUS Blog. We write about trends and new developments in the field of AI and machine learning to educate our audience on the importance of data.

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