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  • TAUS is a great organization. I like the way that you always keep up with technology, your involvement, quality, and participation. Our needs are being met!
  • Our membership of TAUS has given us insights in the future of translation that we would never have had otherwise. TAUS, and especially the TAUS conferences, have been essential in shaping our language technology strategy.
  • Within TAUS, we are continuously sharing our experiences with respect to translation technologies and learning from clients, providers, competitors and partners. Therefore, being part of TAUS makes us definitely better.
  • As an LSP specialized in machine translation, Lexcelera joined TAUS because it brings together the technology and thought leaders in the localization industry. As a founding member, we have found the sharing of knowledge among the members to be invaluable. TAUS is where change is happening in our industry.
  • Our company decided to pioneer in translation automation for the Hungarian language and for that there's no better society to join than TAUS. We were eager to learn from the translation automation industry, get current information on trends and the participants. Our expectations have been constantly met. New contacts, new business partners, excellent ideas and a lot of useful information. Any executive/company who considers translation automation as a vital part of the linguistic services industry should definitey join TAUS.
  • TAUS is at the nexus of translation research and translation business. Our speech translation startup joined in order to stay close to that nexus. We also expect to benefit from TAUS's push toward sharing of translation resources. So far, the networking aspect of membership has worked well for us: as hoped, we've made new contacts in both research and business. The presentation opportunities at meetings have been especially well handled: the resulting videos have been impressively produced and provide a good new way to make our work known. Resource sharing is still in the future for us, but we greatly appreciate TAUS' ongoing efforts.
  • Pangeanic had started its own MT program and it was only natural to be part of the most important think-tank in the industry where we could learn and share experiences. TAUS has grown into a truly worldwide authority in translation automation. We are extremely happy to see how it has evolved and entered a new phase. TDA was a good experience and certainly the biggest help to developing companies like Pangeanic. PangeaMT would not exist without it. We benefit from our membership through reports, guides, news, TM sharing and networking. Everybody with an interest in providing a better, deeper, more professional translation services with a view in 21st-century technologies should join TAUS.
  • Since I'm aware that the huge amount of data available in the cloud will be of the utmost importance for our future translation business, I decided to join TAUS and TAUS Data. Sharing data and technology will lead to maturation of our industry and the succesful implementation of new business models needed to grow in a highly competitive business.