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Get the pulse of the translation industry and discuss strategies and opportunities for collaboration at conferences and online user groups.


Track, search, upload, download and share translation data directly from your tool environment by connecting with the APIs for Data Cloud and DQF.


Solve translation quality management problems or capitalize on translation data with the help of the TAUS Consultancy packages.

Data Cloud

Enter the Data Cloud, a neutral and secure repository platform for sharing, pooling and leveraging language data in multiple languages and domains.

Quality Dashboard

Benefit from the Quality Dashboard, an industry-shared platform which visualizes quality and productivity data in a flexible reporting environment.


Get free access to reports, courses and articles covering topics on machine translation, translation quality evaluation, post-editing, and other.

Get your insights, tools, metrics, benchmarking, data and knowledge from a neutral and independent translation industry organization.

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Our Members


  • TAUS is at the nexus of translation research and translation business. Our speech translation startup joined in order to stay close to that nexus. So far, the networking aspect of membership has worked well for us: as hoped, we've made new contacts in both research and business.
  • Pangeanic had started its own MT program and it was only natural to be part of the most important think-tank in the industry where we could learn and share experiences. TAUS has grown into a truly worldwide authority in translation automation. Everybody with an interest in providing a better, deeper, more professional translation services with a view in 21st-century technologies should join TAUS.
  • Within TAUS, we are continuously sharing our experiences with respect to translation technologies and learning from clients, providers, competitors and partners. Therefore, being part of TAUS makes us definitely better.
  • Since I'm aware that the huge amount of data available in the cloud will be of the utmost importance for our future translation business, I decided to join TAUS and TAUS Data. Sharing data and technology will lead to maturation of our industry and the succesful implementation of new business models needed to grow in a highly competitive business.


TAUS aims at bringing together the game changers of the localization industry. Want to be part of the TAUS community? Find the right membership plan for your organization.

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