Human Language Project

(HLP) Platform

There is no limit to your market expansion and localization aspirations. We advocate and strive for increasing diversity in services and products for digitally underrepresented communities. Working directly with such communities, we help you generate & enhance data for MT training and quality prediction, AI & ML applications.
Human-powered data
  • Speech Data

    We form a community of diverse backgrounds, demographics, accents or dialects in any language to generate inclusive datasets for voice recognition and speech-based AI applications. All based on your project specifications.

  • Text Data



Global community of data contributors, annotators, linguists.



Tasks completed since 2019.



Languages covered from 100+ countries.

Common use cases
MT training data generation (text and speech)
MT post-editing
Human evaluation of MT engines
Speech or text data annotation
Sentiment analysis

Benefit from our human-powered language data platform combining community management with NLP expertise. At scale and in a single sophisticated platform.

Data security

We are committed to enterprise-level security standards when it comes to your sensitive security requirements.


Our services are end-to-end. We take care of everything from community formation to project tracking and safe delivery of datasets.

Quality controls

At every stage of a project, we have automated and manual quality checks in place to ensure the highest quality possible while eliminating bias.

Extensive features

Our proprietary platform covers a wide range of data-focused micro tasks from collection and generation to annotation and evaluation for text and speech.