What can the Data Cloud resources be used for?

There are different use scenarios for the rich Data Cloud resources that cover multiple translation directions in a diversity of domains:

  • Training of MT engines, especially when users have no or not enough training data for their projects.
  • Evaluation and improvement of MT output quality, especially with relevant to users' project data. See as an example KantanMT's use case.
  • Terminology extraction from the industry-shared TMs contributed by TAUS members. That is to automaticaly extract terms relevant to your projects by using your terminology extraction tools and methods, open-source tools or commercial tools (see for example Term Extraction Tools) from the downloaded Data Cloud data sets.
  • Research purposes in the translation technology field. See also relevant FAQ: Which are the Data Cloud benefits for TAUS academic members.
  • Etc.
on 10/08/2015
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