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This monthly webinar is open to all users and buyers of translation technology and tools and simply to anyone who is interested. After demos and presentations of two matching translation or language technologies, an expert panel asks questions and the audience can raise questions that are answered by the presenters. 




In April 2013, TAUS published the TAUS Translation Technology Landscape Report. This report sketches the translation technology landscape and gives an overview of all the different sorts of translation technologies that exist in our industry. Now, 3 years later, the landscape has vastly changed and we've thus published a new version of this report, including all the new technologies and tools that are popping up left and right almost weekly. Download the new report here.

The TAUS Translation Technology Webinar series started in 2014 as a platform for technology providers to showcase their innovative technologies and tools. Every month we invite two companies with comparable technologies to give a 15-minute presentation or demonstration. A panel of experts (see the 'Panel' tab) is invited to ask questions and start a discussion. The technology presentations are recorded and will be published on our website. We also invite all technology providers to create a listing in the TAUS Technology Directory.

Agenda and Format

The one-hour webinar is followed by a half-hour after-meeting. All participants need to sign-up for the webinars and confirm their participation in the after-meeting.

The agenda:

  1. Introductions and setting context (5 minutes)
  2. Technology demos and presentations (2x15 minutes)
  3. Panel questions and discussion (15 minutes)
  4. Q&A for all participants. Open microphones and discussion of raised questions and topics (10 minutes)
  5. Closure of webinar. Agenda next call (2 minutes)

Register for the Translation Technology Webinar

All participants in this webinar are requested to register by filling in this form: Once you are registered, you will receive an invitation for each month's webinar with an overview of the agenda.

Topics & Themes

The companies that are clickable have presented in the Translation Technology Webinar in the past. Click on the links to view the recordings.

Category Examples
App Localization Systems AppLanga, El Loco, OneSky, Tethras
Audio-Video Captioning Amara, Dotsub, Spot Subtitling Software, Viki, VideoLocalize
Captive Translation Management Systems Cloudwords, Coach, Lingotek, Lionbridge Translation Workspace, Straker, Transfluent,, Transplicity
Cloud-based Memory Tools Google Translator Toolkit, Lilt, MateCat, Memsource, MultiTrans, Ontram, OpenTM2, SDL BeGlobalSmartCAT, Wordbee, XTM Cloud
Community Translation Platforms Conyac, CrowdIn, Flitto, Gengo, Get Localization, Say Hello, Skuuper, Stepes, Text United, TM-Town, Translia, Unbabel
Controlled Authoring Tools Acrolinx, ADAPT's Source Content Profiler, Congree, Welocalize's StyleScorer
Desktop & Client-server Translation Memory Tools Across, Deja Vu, Euramis, Heartsome, MemoQ, OmegaT, Star Transit, Trados Studio, Wordfast, Virtaal
Globalization Management Systems & Translation Management Systems GlobalLink, GlobalSight, Kinetic Globalizer, Ontram, SDL TMS, SDL WorldServer, STAR CLM
Localization Project Management LangTech LTC Communicator, OKAPI Framework, Plunet, XTRF
Machine Translation Platforms Apertium, Asia Online, Do-Moses-Yourself (Slate), Globalese, Google Translate, Iconic Translation Machines,, KantanMT, Lionbridge GeoFluent, Microsoft Translator Hub, Mirai Translate, PangeaMT, SmartMate, Systran, tauyou, Tilde's LetsMT
Middleware Clay Tablet
Post-editing Tools Kajingo, Modulo
Proxy-based Localization Management Easyling, PhraseApp, POEditor, Rigi, Smartling, Transifex, YarakuZen
Quality Assurance Tools DQF, ErrorSpy, lexiQA, MyProof, QA Distiller, Verifika, Xbench
Speech-to-Speech Translation iTranslate Voice, Jibbigo, Skype, Spoken Translation, Translate Your World
Terminology Repositories BabelNet, DIN-TERMinology, EUROVOC, IATE, Linguee, MyMemory, Reverso Context, TAUS Data Cloud
Terminology Tools EXTPhrs32, MultiTerm, QuickTerm, TaaS, Terminology Wizard, Terminotix, TermWeb, TermWiki
Translation Apps Aikuma, FirstVoices, Google Translate, Ili (Wearable Translator), iTranslate,, Lexifone, Meedan's Bridge, MegaPhonyaku, Pilot, QR Translator, SayHi Translate, SMS Translator, SpeakText, WayGo


The panelists of the TAUS Translation Technology Webinar are:

Aki Ito, LocalizationGuy, LLC, independent consultant

Aki ItoA native of Japan, Aki Ito has been involved in the localization industry since 1996 in many different aspects of localization activities such as sales management, operations management, project management, Japanese language management and consulting, and translation memory tool management. He previously served on the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) board of directors in 2005-2006 and as chairman of the board in 2006. He has also served on the editorial board for MultiLingual magazine. Prior to his involvement in the localization industry, Aki was an account executive at Dell Computer in the United States and Japan, selling personal computers and networking solutions to multinational companies for their worldwide implementations. Aki has an MBA in international marketing and a BA in international relations.

Maxim Khalilov,

Maxim KhalilovMaxim Khalilov is a Commercial Owner at acting as a bridge between translations operations, product and major stakeholders and focusing on innovation and optimization of translation technologies and processes. Maxim has a PhD in statistical machine translation (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, 2009), an MBA (IE Business School, 2016) and is the author of more than 30 scientific publications. Prior to joining, he worked as a machine translation Technical Lead at bmmt GmbH (Munich), a R&D manager at TAUS (Amsterdam) and as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam.

Luigi Muzii, sQuid

Luigi MuziiLuigi Muzii has been working in the language industry since 1982 as a translator, localizer, technical writer, and consultant. After 12 years in several departments of a major Italian telecommunications company, and two years in a broadcasting service company, in 2002, he started a translation and localization consulting firm. He taught terminology and localization at the LUSPIO University (now UNINT) in Rome for a decade, and is the author of a book on technical writing, another one on the translation industry, a booklet on translation quality systems, and of many articles. He speaks regularly at conferences, and holds webinars and workshops.

Annya Sedakova Bertram, EMC

Annya Sedakova-BertramOriginally from Ukraine and a native speaker of Russian, Annya’s interest in languages and cultures sparked during her studies at Bucknell University where she graduated with a degree in International Relations and minors in Russian and Chinese.  Studying for a semester in Beijing solidified her desire to someday work for a global company. After her first job with a small private software company DavaViz, working in global channel marketing, Annya had the opportunity to join EMC as a Globalization Program Manager. She later took on her current role leading the Globalization Program Management team. The EMC Globalization Team is a centralized shared service for enterprise-wide localization needs. This structure enabled Annya to drive effective localization processes for software products, marketing, multimedia training and much more.  Annya is passionate about her contribution to meet the company’s localization requirements, drive process efficiencies and evolve the globalization strategy at EMC.

 Jost Zetzsche, co-author of Found in Translation and publisher of Tool Kit Newsletter for Translators

jost zetzscheJost Zetzsche is an English-to-German translator, a localization and translation consultant, and a widely published author on various aspects of translation. His computer guide for translators, A Translator's Tool Box, is now in its tenth edition and his technical newsletter for translators goes out to more than 10,000 translators. In 2012, Penguin published his co-authored Found in Translation, a book about the impact that translation has on everyone’s life. Find more about him at


7 June

Theme: Neural MT

Neural MT: Separating the hype from reality, John Tinsley (Iconic Translation Machines)

There has been a lot of media coverage and talk about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and of course neural machine translation. But looking in from the outside, it's hard to separate the hype from the reality. What does it mean for you? For your languages? For your business and use cases? For the whole industry? In this webinar, we take a peak behind the curtain to see what's actually going on and answer these questions from an expert point of view.

There is no doubt that neural MT is a game changer, but as an emerging technology in its relative infancy, there's a lot we still need to learn before it becomes a fully mainstream production solution. We will describe the current state of neural MT from the technical and commercial perspective, including some of the collaborative work we've been carrying out at Iconic with leading research groups which highlight the relative pros and cons of neural and existing approaches to MT. Finally, we'll look at our approach to rolling out neural MT at Iconic while trying to manage expectations, and highlight areas where in might have the most immediate impact for end-users.

John Tinsley is the CEO and Co-Founder of Iconic Translation Machines. He is an expert in machine translation (MT) technology, a field in which he holds a PhD from Dublin City University. The foundations of Iconic are built on methods that John pioneered over almost a decade of research and development. Prior to founding Iconic, he worked on consulting and development of MT technology for multinational clients across a variety of industries. John also acts as an expert consultant with the European Commission, providing guidance on language technology initiatives.

Neural MT: a practical overview, Gábor Bessenyei (Morphologic Localisation)

Machine Translation is increasingly becoming part of our daily lives, both as individuals and as language professionals. As the hunger for content  grows, MT is becoming an unavoidable technology to make information instantly available in different languages. Neural Machine Translation is the latest emerging technology in the MT world, and there are still many different expectations and ideas around it.This short webinar gives a practical overview about Neural MT:

  • What is the difference compared to Statistical Machine Translation;
  • What are the prerequisites for implementing it in projects;
  • How it can be used in the translation workflow;
  • What are the differences for post editors.

Gábor Bessenyei is CEO/Managing Partner at MorphoLogic Localisation. He started his career in 1994 as a translator of the SAP R/3 release 2.2. In 1997, he went to the newly established subsidiary of SAP Hungary.  In 2001, he founded MorphoLogic Localisation, the developer of Globalese MT. Gábor has always been fascinated about MT as it attempts to combine two different worlds: the rigorous binary thinking of computers and the discursive nature  of languages.

6 September

STAR Transit NXT

Get Translation Work Done Using Transit NXT, Elke Fuchs (STAR Group)

In this webinar, you’ll learn how easy it is to create, complete, and finalize your own translation project in Transit. Using two Office documents as an example, you’ll begin by seeing how quickly and easily you can create a project and import the files. You’ll learn how to incorporate and apply terminology during the translation process. We’ll also show you how to make use of the suggested translations that Transit provides. You’ll learn basic review functions and prepare the project for delivery. Finally, we’ll show you how to export the translated Office documents.

Elke Fuchs is a certified translator for English and Spanish. She has been with STAR Group since the year 1999 and works in the areas of Support, Training and Consulting for Transit/TermStar NXT. Her primary areas of responsibility are customizations and E Learning. 

STAR offers custom solutions for your global product communication needs with tools and services in the areas of information management, technical documentation, translation, electronic publication, e-learning, and workflow automation. With more than 30 years of experience, STAR lets you make the most of your information in real-time, in any medium or technology, in any language, anytime, anywhere.

Second presenter to be confirmed.



Jungwoo Ryoo

"Thank you very much to you and to the whole TAUS for hosting this technology showcase webinars. They were genuinely valuable to this industry. Clearly the leadership was not something that a single company could achieve. Generally the quality of webinars was excellent and very useful."

Jungwoo Ryoo | Oracle

chris wendt

"Thanks, Anne-Maj and TAUS for organizing the webinar. It is fun to present at this occasion, and the format with the panelists asking questions is very helpful in addressing the critical issues."

Chris Wendt | Microsoft


Olivia Quintana

"As a freelance translator working for different agencies (most of them quite small), it's wonderful to see such applications being developed and which are based on the public cloud, with no need to install (or even better, optional!), and being maintained and updated by the respective companies.

Thanks again for offering TAUS Translation Technology Showcase Webinars!"

Olivia Ocaña Quintana | Freelance translator