Machine translation has come a long way since its first inception in the 1950s, and today it is obvious that machine translation solutions are becoming a business model for more and more enterprises. Since machine translation follows a unique approach to producing content in a target language, rather different from human translation, and since the quality aspects of machine translation output also raise questions within the industry, the rising demand for a new breed of linguists, that of the post-editors, is on the horizon.

This webinar series introduces post-editing as an emerging profession within the translation industry. We discuss best practices and offer an overview of available tools and methods for post-editing. Each webinar will have a language focus and invited speakers will elaborate on post-editing problems of the given language. Participants can ask questions or bring up topics to be discussed in future sessions.



PE4PM for Russian

Thursday 11 May 2017, 1 p.m. CEST


The webinar is aimed at buyers and vendors of translation and localization services interested in post-editing services. It will address specifically the Russian market and Russian-speaking customers and will be held by Svetlana Svetova, founder, and director of a leading language service company in Russia.

After a brief introduction of the presenters by TAUS' Anne-Maj van der Meer and an introduction of TAUS’s PE4PM online course (in English) by its author, Luigi Muzii, Svetlana will present the course (in Russian) and the translation of the associated guide in Russian made by Plus Translation. At the end of the presentations, attendees will be welcome to address their questions to the presenters. 

Svetlana Svetova, Plus Translation

Svetlana SvetovaSvetlana Svetova is a founder and director of the Plus Translation company, a Russian language service company, and also the T-Service company — the only SDL Trados authorised reseller in Russia and 12 other countries. In the last few years, the T-Service company has been awarded as the SDL Approved Reseller of the Year due to its high level of sales, customer support and implementation solutions. Svetlana takes part in many translation and localisation events, often as a speaker. She is one of the organisers of Saint Petersburg’s Translation Club. Svetlana holds a linguistic degree and her current interest is MTPE (Machine Translation Post-editing) as she also worked as an MT linguistic developer for many years.

Luigi Muzii, sQuid

Luigi MuziiLuigi Muzii has been working in the language industry since 1982 as a translator, localizer, technical writer, and consultant. After 12 years in several departments of a major Italian telecommunications company, and two years in a broadcasting service company, in 2002, he started a translation and localization consulting firm. He taught terminology and localization at the LUSPIO University (now UNINT) in Rome for a decade, and is the author of a book on technical writing, another one on the translation industry, a booklet on translation quality systems, and of many articles. He speaks regularly at conferences, and holds webinars and workshops.