2016 Agenda

Agenda of Past Meetings

EUG 1 Wednesday 29 June - 5PM CET 

Kickoff and planning
Discussion topic: Process Nomenclature

DQF supports productivity and quality tracking which need to be mapped onto the corresponding tasks and activities. Knowing that there are differences in the usage of terms in the industry at large, we need to provide a DQF-neutral terminology. After research, consultation and a survey we decided to adopt Translation and Review as main processes and Correction and Error Annotation as sub-processes within Review.

EUG 2 Wednesday 13 July - 5PM CET

Use case: Dell
Discussion topic: Quality Level

Quality has long been a debated topic and DQF aims at providing an industry-wide solution for quality benchmarking. In order to achieve this, we need to ensure that the current quality thresholds in use are still relevant for the users. A general two-tier approach to quality levels works for most companies. The two levels are further identified with (high-quality) human translation and MT (+ Post-editing).

EUG 3 Wednesday 10 August - 5PM CET

Use case: Cisco
Discussion topic: Industry & Content Type

Fitting industry sectors and content types into a limited list of options is not an easy task and there are always exceptions. However, having categories where companies feel represented and that are broad enough to include multiple players is critically important for effective benchmarking. This is why we are looking at the current list with a critical eye.

EUG 4 Wednesday 24 August - 5PM CET

Use case: eBay
Discussion topic: Resolutions: Nomenclature and Quality Levels 

The results of the consultation on DQF Nomenclature were presented and the Resolution was approved almost unanimously. Quality levels are intended to set the right expectations for the deliverables and DQF requires them at project creation. The Resolution on Quality Levels has been postponed until the following call.

EUG 5 Wednesday 14 September - 5PM CET

Use case: Microsoft
Discussion topic: Discussion & Resolution: Quality Levels |
Discussion & Resolution: Content Types & Sectors

The results of the consultation on DQF Quality Levels are discussed and voted upon to achieve a wide agreement on the quality expectations to be selected in DQF. A second discussion topic pertains the list of content types and sectors to ensure proper mapping of the large variability of enterprise users for accurate benchmarking.

EUG 6 Wednesday 28 September - 5PM CET

Discussion topic: Resolution: Sectors (vote) |
Summary on Languages & File Types | Discussion on Time Tracking and Datasets for Benchmarking.

DQF is integrated in multiple translation technologies so it needs to work seamlessly with these tools. The summary will address how some language locales should be handled. The discussion will introduce the main topic of the User Group Call which centers around the core feature of the Enterprise Solution: receiving statistics directly from the translation tools.

EUG 7 Wednesday 12 October - 5:00 PM CET Discussion topic: Discussion: Word/Segment Counts & Edit Distance

EUG 8 Wednesday 26 October - 5:30 PM CET

Face to face meeting at the QE Summit, Portland hosted by Intel
Discussion topic: 
Datasets and industry benchmarking

Description: In this face-to-face session we will give a short introduction to the DQF Enterprise User Group, the work done until now and plans for the coming quarters, and more specifically there will be a short brainstorming about data sets and industry benchmarking.

EUG 9 Wednesday 15 November - 5:00 PM CET

Discussion topic: Word/Segment Counts and Edit Distance
EUG 10 Wednesday 30 November - 5:00 PM CET Discussion topic: Segmentation, Word Count & Edit Distance
EUG 11 Wednesday 14 December - 5:00 PM CET Discussion topic: Reports