TAUS Massively Multilingual AI Conference Rome

AI allows us to create virtual companions that can speak our language, any language, as well as humans. This is a technology breakthrough that shakes up the world. It can make businesses and governments a hundred times more efficient and it creates thousands of opportunities for innovation. If only we start thinking and operating truly and massively multilingual.

18 - 20 June 2024

Rome, Italy

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No English Please - How to move towards truly multilingual AI


Opening keynote and panel discussion: the non-US AI Labs perspective.

Execs from non-US AI Labs discuss the challenges and opportunities of massively multilingual models and applications. English is the dominant language in the world of tech and AI research. Models are trained for more than 90% on English language data. Inevitably the LLMs look at the world through English filters. The focus of this session will be how to overcome this language bias and how to move towards a more democratic and inclusive world of AI. Models and algorithms alone can not solve this problem on their own. In other words: AI needs the language industry, and the language industry needs AI. How convergence of two industries can accelerate our path towards truly multilingual AI.

Key topics addressed in this session include:

  • Removing English bias

  • Business applications, specifically for Localization, Customer support and Multilingual content creation

  • Challenges and opportunities

  • Industry trends

  • Convergence with language technology

Speakers from among others Mozilla AI, Cohere, Aleph Alpha, aixPlain.

Farewell MT - Welcome AI


Small versus Large Language Models


Showcasing a revolution in multilingual content


Questioning Quality and Evaluating LLMs


The Massively Multilingual Enterprise


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